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Sol de Janeiro makes a line of skin and body care products featuring a signature scent.

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2 days ago

their scents are incredible. I do not like the price, but I pay it anyway because these are literally irresistible.

a day ago

The original Bum Bum Cream has a wonderful scent unlike any other I've ever tried. I've explored the dupes and they just don't compare. The only reason I won't give this a higher rating is because it is expensive, but it's a nice gift to splurge on occasionally.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream

4 days ago

Got both their 62 fragrance mist and bum bum cream in a PR package and I still use both products in my daily regimen(even if the mist is more suited for the summer time). Even for a mist, it really sticks to you, it has lasted more than some of the perfumes I've used.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum creamSol de Janeiro Cheirosa 62 hair and body spray

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8 days ago


the body scent came to me as a gift and i really loved his long lasting smell! it suites my vibes perfectly. Then i bought the cream and it was really the best combo with the mist.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum creamSol de Janeiro Cheirosa 62 perfume

8 days ago

SMELLS AMAZING. Would buy over and over again if it wasn't as expensive. I go through it so fast.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream

3 months ago

The scent of these products are so incredible. They are quite oily and aren't that effective at moisturizing, but I use them for the scent.

3 months ago

I have tried their body lotion and you will be surprised because it helps my dry skin so much. Besides that, they have a really good smell. However, compared to the price, it is quite expensive and if you are from Asia, the delivery will be a big problem.

2 months ago

I love these body creams. They smell so good and the scent lasts for hours. The new one they have out, the beja flor, has a very light smell compared to the others which surprised me, but I really liked that as well. I think the perfume would smell good.

Beija florBom Dia bright creamSol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream

2 months ago

Received a free product from Sol de Janeiro

The texture is 10/10 and the smell is so good

Sol de Janeiro hair mask