Sol de Janeiro

4.4 89 Reviews

Sol de Janeiro makes a line of skin and body care products featuring a signature scent.

Sol de Janeiro Reviews

Sol de Janeiro reviews


92% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Unique, long-lasting scents
  • Highly complimented fragrances
  • Quality of products
  • Popular cheirosa 62 and bum bum lines
  • High product prices
  • Overpowering scents for some
  • Lack of hydration in bum bum cream
  • Products can cause migraines

Sol de Janeiro is highly praised for its unique and long-lasting scents, particularly the Cheirosa 62 fragrance and the Bum Bum cream line. The brand consistently receives compliments for the quality of its fragrances. However, the brand's products are consistently criticized for their high prices, and some customers find the scents to be overpowering and migraine-inducing. Additionally, the Bum Bum cream is criticized for its lack of hydration.

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89 reviews

15 days ago

Brazilian bum bum cream is very popular and for good reason. It smells so good everyone asks what I'm wearing. Downside, is the tub is expensive for lotion.

3 months ago

BEFORE YOU GET MAD! This product smells unbelievable and I will forever buy their body mist because it smells like the beach and for $24 I want to smell like the beach but could we make it last longer? I feel like the second I spray it it loses its scent

2 months ago

Great scents ! I love the pink one

3 months ago

I don’t know why these products are so expensive they are good but the price is steep

3 months ago

62 is my GO to scent. I wear it religiously I use it everyday and have gone through 4 bottles! I suggest trying them all at Sephora to find your favorite scent! Sometimes they smell different on them if you just sprayed it in the air. The bum bum cream is a little too strong for me personally!

2 months ago

the brazilian bum bum cream smells sooo good and leaves my skin smooth! but as is the case with a lot of viral brands, too pricey for what it is, so get it for a discount.

2 months ago

I’ve tried all their products, body wash, skin mist, body cream, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner. Everything is just fantastic. The scent lingers and is very pleasant not offensive.

4 months ago

Received a free product from Sol de Janeiro

Smells good

4 months ago

Number 40 is my FAVOURITE!! The scents are so delicious and will have you smelling amazing for quite a while. The prices are not my favourite but I still recommend them for my family and friends

5 months ago

If you haven’t tried any of Sol De Janeiro’s body sprays you’re missing out. My current favorite is miss 68😩 She smells so good and I’ve gotten so many compliments. If you like a fruity scented perfume this is a must!

6 months ago

I love all sol de janeiro’s products because I love the scent so much would definitely recommend!

a year ago

Love this brand simply for the scents... the formulas & products are great and have cool ingredients, but the scent of the OG Bum Bum cream is just intoxicating! Love this brand, and their great packaging. Recently got the body oil & the unboxing experience was so cool!

2 years ago

Most of the reviews speak to this, but the smell!! The bum bum cream is also so smooth, sinking into skin really quickly.

10 months ago

I have tried their body lotion and you will be surprised because it helps my dry skin so much. Besides that, they have a really good smell. However, compared to the price, it is quite expensive and if you are from Asia, the delivery will be a big problem.

10 months ago

The scent of these products are so incredible. They are quite oily and aren't that effective at moisturizing, but I use them for the scent.

a year ago

The bum bum lotion smells SO good! But, it is a bit overpriced. You do get a generous amount in the container and I also got the travel sized one too, but, it is a bit expensive when I found a pretty close dupe at Trader Joes for under $10.

a year ago

Not a huge fragrance gal, but I have to tell you... I've been through 4 bottles of their body spray and the scented bronze-y shimmer oil. It's really that good.