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Shokz makes a range of headphones featuring open-ear technology for a safer listening experience.

Shokz Reviews

Shokz reviews


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a month ago

I love them, I feel so much safer running compared to my beats I used to use. I can hear everything around me, and my podcast, at the same time. Ended up buying my husband a pair for Boxing Day, and he constantly uses it for work. They came out with a new product which is the over the ear method but with two ear pods, and that product makes it much easier to wear in the winter with beanies, and headbands compared to their traditional product.


a year ago

I have only used one of their entry-level headphones "OpenMove", but I am sold on their concept immediately! These are bone-conducting earphones which use tactile vibrations to produce sound to your ears. This allows you to hear sound without covering your ears in anyway. This is helpful when I am hiking or in a busy area in a city, basically places where hearing the environment around you can be very important. Also, this technology is used for people who are hard of hearing. This means that these headphones also work with certain people who are hard of hearing. Since this technology for consumers is so recent, there are limits to how high fidelity the music can be. This should be expected, however. My only real critique is the packaging; I feel it uses a a lot of unnecessary plastic. This may have changed since I purchased them, but I do not like that.

6 months ago

Shokz are the best running headphones out there. I've been using them over the years, and the bone conduction technology continues to improve. I love that I can listen to my music while staying aware of my surroundings, or even join a group run and be able to participate in conversation while also listening to my tunes. The downside is that speech can be harder to hear in louder environments - for example, when I run over bridges with subways in NYC, I have to pause podcasts and audiobooks until the noise dies down.

6 months ago

Really great headphones for running and working out in general. I sweat a lot so Airpods never stay in during my runs, and I've probably ruined a pair or two from all my sweat... Thankfully my Shokz do not have these issues! They not only stay in place but also are drenched sweat approved :)

6 months ago

Absolutely love my Shokz.!! Light weight, comfortable to wear, great sound. So comfortable that I sometimes forget I have them on if I have had to turn the sound off for some reason. Love that I can hear the world around me too, especially when I am out walking.


7 months ago

When I first tried these on, I couldn't believe how clear the sound from the Shokz were and how I could still hear everything around me. It was quite the experience, but something that's super useful in a work setting or, if you're in a city, a street walking setting.

a year ago

These are a great option for listening to music, podcasts, etc. in situations where it is important to be able to hear your surroundings for your safety. I personally use them for my outdoor runs where I need to be aware of cars, people, dogs, etc. around me.


These are not a great option for someone wanting to get the entire experience of listening to music as there are limits on how much you can turn up the volume.