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Session Goods creates uniquely designed smoking accessories.


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5 months ago

the bong is a perfect beginner and apartment friendly piece. The storage container is an amazing size and very durable.

4 months ago

Really well-designed and easy to clean. The cleaning kit was really clutch, I'm glad I got it for free but don't think I would have spent money on it alone if it wasn't part of a bundle. Had some of the silicone accessories come in the wrong color and customer service was super friendly and made sure I got replacements.

2 years ago

I cannot speak more highly of the brand and its products. Most people walk into my house and don't even realize the bong sitting on the counter because it looks so sleek. I love that the silicone footer hides the water and makes for an easy grip while cleaning it. They recently released new silicone cover colors and of course I had to buy a bright color for summer. It's easy to buy replacement parts rather than having to buy the whole set again.


It would be cool to see a sleek grinder, weed container, or carrying bag.