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Sakara Life offers an organic, plant-rich, ready-to-eat food product and meal delivery service backed by nutrition science.


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2 months ago

if this weren't cost prohibitive I would have it all the time. All of the food is so clean and light. It can get a little bland or repetitive but I still feel good when I'm eating this.

4 months ago

I love so much about this brand. The vision, the ingredients, the meals and the look/vibe. In total I used this brand for about 3 months and loved every minute. But I just can’t justify the price to stick to these meals. If the price came down 20-30% I’d use it all the time! If I use Sakara again in the future it would be to maybe do the detox once a year. I will continue to purchase the granola! I’m so obsessed with the summer flavor. Also, the seasonal popcorn was cute! Their supplements are great as well! I however don’t love their bars or the tea as much.

4 months ago

Could not recommend more - tastes amazing, great variety, no bloat, skin/hair/digestion have never been better

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5 months ago

The food from Sakara is absolutely delicious. I have a sweet tooth, especially in the morning, so I loved their indulgent breakfasts that often included muffins, granola, waffles, and donuts (healthified versions of course!). Not to mention, everything is inherently dairy and gluten-free-- which as someone with food sensitivities, I love. 3 stars because quite frankly, it isn't enough protein for me. I was really hungry in between meals and given I had paid $400, I didn't want to supplement, but to give my body the fuel it needed, I had to. I'd recommend Sakara for a temporary reset, but just don't think its enough food alone for a long-term eating plan.

2 years ago

It's amazing! The food is delicious and super easy to add to if you're looking for a larger portion.


It's very expensive for what you get. I find myself adding more to each dish to make it work for me.

9 months ago

I have bought products and tried the meal plans. All the food is great, however I struggle to justify the price. Every so often I agree it is fun to do and restart, however it’s not something I would do consistently. Granolas are great so I would buy those.

a year ago

I’ve never tried the meal service so I am rating the other things. I like the taste of most of their items but don’t feel like they are effective. The metabolism powder cleans out my bowels but doesn’t do much more. I do like the metabolism bars as snacks or mini meal replacements- i keep a box in my car to stave off unhealthy choices when out and about.


absurdly expensive

2 years ago

The food is delicious, colorful, and makes me feel so much better than most "convenient" food options. I also loved all the goodies (probiotics, bars, etc) that came with my order!


They charge absurd prices for the amount of food you get.

2 years ago

While I'd love to try their meal delivery service, I just can't justify the price. That said, I do love their supplements, powders, and pre-packaged snacks.

2 years ago

HOLY GRAIL! love everything about sakara. Has changed my life and outlook on food.