Ritual Zero Proof

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Ritual Zero Proof sells a range of non-alcoholic cocktail mix alternatives.

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Ritual Zero Proof Reviews

4 months ago


I tasted their Zero Proof Gin. I first tried it a gin and tonic. Tonic is sweet and loaded with flavor, so it’s difficult to taste the "gin" directly, but its presence definitely elevated the drink. Qualities like a pine aftertaste and a lingering “burn” showed Ritual’s gin to be a worthy addition. The mild burn stuck around longer than expected and curiously reminded me of the sensation after eating a bite of fresh jalapeno. Next, I tasted the zero proof gin on its own. It was a shock to me. The drink touches your tongue and it’s surprisingly flat. The smell and taste conditioned me to anticipate the heat sensation of high proof alcohol and there was none to speak of. The flavor is interesting and complex enough, but doesn’t offer much appeal for a sipping drink. Pine is the dominant flavor over the traditional citrus, floral, and juniper notes of gins.


If you think too much about ammonia-based house cleaners while drinking this, it might ruin your experience.

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8 months ago


Great products. Have been a great addition to dry January, baby showers and any time you want a special drink but no booze.

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9 months ago


I've been trying to drink less lately, and for me the ritual of having a drink with dinner or with friends is not something I wanted to give up. However, I sleep better and feel better when I drink less. Enter Ritual Zero Proof. I love a good margarita and honestly the Tequila alternative has a very similar profile to a reposado and makes a very tasty margarita. I would add a bit of orange juice to it as well, somehow that flavor profile helps bring out the sweetness and balance the acid better.


The tequila and gin alternatives are great. I think the whisky alternative has a bit of work to be done on the smokiness front. The smokiness can be a bit overwhelming in the wrong cocktail.

High qualityTasty 😋
Omar R's review of Ritual Zero Proof
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