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Potli makes honey infused with CBD to promote rest and reduce inflammation, along with a collection of CBD infused pantry goods.

Potli Reviews

Potli reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

I had the Potli olive oil and it was definitely really nice quality but I'm not sure if I felt the effects of the hemp? Either way I enjoyed it.

3 years ago

Received a free product from Potli

I can only speak for the Dream Honey that I got in a PR package. I'm a night owl and have a hard time winding down on busy days but the Dream Honey knocked me out without making me feel super groggy in the morning. This combined with sleepytime tea is a game changer.

2 years ago

Really enjoyed the olive oil collab with Aster Farms, with all of the olives and cannabis coming from Lake County family farms. Packaging and branding is on point, tastes really good, and potent effects. Very interested in trying other products - infused ACV in a glass of cold water sounds like a great way to wake up.