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Potli makes honey infused with CBD to promote rest and reduce inflammation, along with a collection of CBD infused pantry goods.

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San Francisco, U.S.
Felicity Chen
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Female-founded, Asian-founded
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About Potli
Feel Good Food. Sleep. Calm. Relief. Balance. “At Potli, we are rooted in our culture. Our curated selection of essential foods infused with cannabis celebrate our heritage. We create functional ingredients sourced from our own backyard in California, all infused with sun grown cannabinoids from the Emerald Triangle. Once you try Potli, you’ll want to bring these kitchen staples into your daily rituals and routines.” Today, we also are a proudly diverse team of international women! From South Korea, Spain, Los Angeles, to the Bay Area, our team of women and allies make this dream a reality. All of our functional ingredients are sourced with sincere intention from our own backyard in California, and our only wish is that these craftsman kitchen staples make it into your daily rituals and routines.
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Good for gifts 🎁High qualityTasty 😋
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💸Received a free product from Potli

I can only speak for the Dream Honey that I got in a PR package. I'm a night owl and have a hard time winding down on busy days but the Dream Honey knocked me out without making me feel super groggy in the morning. This combined with sleepytime tea is a game changer.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityTasty 😋
16 days ago

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