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PopSockets sells a collection of phone grips featuring creative designs.



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14 days ago

I have the Iphone Pro Max, work as a social media manager, so I am on my phone A LOT! I used to get hand cramps until I found Popsockets. Through every new phone & new phone case, I rebuy a popsocket. It makes picture-taking & phone scrolling so much more comfortable. The only bummer is that it catches when putting in a tight back pocket. I've noticed some cases dont stick as well to the Popsocket, so in extreme heat, the Popsocket has melted off the case.

18 days ago

Sometimes fall off, but mostly stick on unless you're putting your phone in crazy situations. Functional and cute!

7 days ago

I resisted buying one of these forever. I finally broke down and gave it a try - my fingers were cramping from holding the phone and stretching over to text or play. I can't hold my phone without it now.


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12 days ago

Pros: continue to create original products. Large design collection. The basic ones are a really fair price. I've been able to remove, clean and move them to a new case. Cons: some of their other items are much more expensive. I tried their stick-on wallet and had issues with cards falling out. Major negative. Bottom line: I use a different brand due to finding a wallet case I like more, but if they improve those, I could definitely go back.


2 months ago

They make holding your phone so much easier, but getting your phone in pockets once it’s applied becomes more difficult.

2 months ago

After seeing it all over booktok, I put a PopSocket on the back of my Kindle and LOVE it. It makes it so much easier and comfortable to hold while reading. 10/10 recommend trying it!!! Also love the MagSafe PopSocket for my phone since I use a wireless charger. It’s convenient to be able to pop it on and off when I need it.

2 months ago

This little gadgets making watching videos on your phone easy you can prop the phone up or read texting holding it , also carrying it holding onto to this little knob is so handy! So many different opinions it’s just convenient!

4 months ago

I own about 50 different tops….it’s way cheaper to change my pop top than buy a new case all the time. I wish they weren’t so expensive for magsafe and cases etc., but I highly recommend

5 months ago

LOVE my pop socket! Since phones have gotten larger, it makes it so much easier and more comfortable to hold.

3 months ago

It makes sense to use PopSockets especially with the large phones like the Iphone 14 Pro Max. Get a better grip on the phone and in the case of some of my friends, it helps prevent injury due to the weight of the phone on the wrist. helpful when at a concert ..take all the shots and video without worrying about someone bumping you up front :-)