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PARCH makes a range of non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails using a blend of functional herbs and botanicals.


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7 days ago

I’m 8 years sober and this is my go to NA! The flavors are delicious and I could drink a lot if I feel like it. Every time I bring them to a party they get snatched up immediately. I also love the branding and packaging!

2 months ago

PARCH is a local hero around here! (You can probably figure out where I'm writing from ... 🏜️) I had high hopes for this local company, and not to say I don't love the spiced piñarita (I absolutely love a smokey alcoholic cocktail) but after a couple sips I found it a little too sweet to drink long into the night. I'd like to give it another shot (pun intended) with perhaps a little more crushed ice instead of cubed, and perhaps a little more of my own lime juice added.

7 months ago

Tried Parch's agave non-alcoholic cocktail. It was faintly reminiscent of a margarita and not something I would actively avoid. The flavor was a bit sweet and one-note for me, however, in a way I wouldn't seek out.

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8 months ago

Parch is AMAZING. Really flavorful and a great NA alternative for when you are looking for a more thoughtful drink to consume. Great on their own or mixed into a mocktail. A staple in my fridge now.

8 months ago

I am in the middle of participating in Dry January and am always on the hunt for more interesting nonalcoholic beverages outside of soda and mocktails with high juice percentages. I bought a can of PARCH's Prickly Paloma at Umbrella Dry Drinks, a nonalcoholic pop-up shop in Old Town, Alexandria with no real expectations and after popping the tab open, I was instantly blown away. Not only is the branding and packaging gorgeous, the Prickly Paloma had the bite of an alcoholic drink and tart sweetness that was complex and refreshing at the same time. I could go out to a bar or restaurant and order a PARCH not feel like I was missing out. I only wish the can was bigger!

a year ago

Parch not only has some of the most beautiful branding out there, but their unique mission and vision for flavors makes them stand apart from the increasingly crowded non-alcoholic market. The Prickly Paloma is my favorite, I enjoy the tart sweetness. The Spiced Pinarita is fascinating; smoky and spicy with a real kick. Highly recommend!


Can't wait for more flavors! And honestly, I hope you extend your product line. Prickly Paloma sorbet and Spiced Pinarita chips...yes, please!

8 months ago

Prickly Paloma is absolutely incredible. It's got the spirit of mezcal flavor without the spirit mezcal. Smokey, Grapefruit, and Bubbly. There's so much to love in this beautifully designed can.


I've only been able to try the Prickly Paloma but beware that you'll be bummed when the can is empty.

9 months ago

I have been sober for two years now and this is the best non-alcoholic cocktail I have tried so far. I love the brand’s mission, packaging and flavour. What a great product!

9 months ago

Finally, there is a non-alc drink option that offers the same high-quality experience for social occasions, but without the alcohol. Thank you, Parch! This drink offers the sophistication and complexity in taste and flavour that for so long has only been available to alc drinks (i.e. Don Julio). The benefits of Parch also extended to how it made me feel, which was both great in the moment and fabulous the next day! (No hangover :D ) Parch will most definitely become a staple in my house, for me and to offer friends - I highly recommend.


I liked it best when it was nice and chilled/poured over ice! The smokiness of Spiced Pinarita is next-level-amazing, and Prickly Paloma has the perfect balance of sweet with bitter. Both flavours offer an incredible mouth feel...which is usually lacking in other non-alc options I've tried so far.

9 months ago

These are the first NA drinks that have the depth of a real mixed drink. I had the Paloma first, and was reminded of the first time that I tried an impossible burger - I had to do a double take to remind make sure it was actually non-alcoholic.


I would love to try their take on a whiskey based cocktail!