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Oura sells rings that monitor your sleep and activity and offers personalized health insights.

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24 days ago

I didn't really understand why somedays I wake up feeling like I never slept but this has helped with so much insight into my sleep patterns. The days when I don't feel my best, it's very informative to go back and look at the data so I can make adjustments accordingly . I love that it's helping keep track of and in tune with my health but hate that it drains my phone battery so much.

5 months ago

I've been following Oura for 8+ years and I'm impressed with how their rings have become simpler and more stylish. Talking to friends who use it, opinions differ; some appreciate the detailed health insights, while others find it overwhelming. As the product evolves, I'm curious to see how Oura will balance this by refining their customer journey, offering a more streamlined experience for those who find it too informative, and a "pro-mode" for data enthusiasts.

3 months ago

Loved it for a while then the insights weren’t worth the cost of the relatively expensive monthly cost. They do constantly update it and are trying to do more with womens health data in particular. 🩷

5 months ago

I've had my Oura ring for about 2 months and I absolutely love it. It was a pricy purchase and I don't love that I have to pay a monthly fee, but in the time I've had it, they've added some handy new features to the app that I appreciate, I hope this continues to happen as that definitely makes me feel better about paying monthly for the app. I could get into the weeds about how much I love the ring but overall, the apperance is subtle (I barely notice it anymore), its lightweight and super comfortable, and I really love the insights it's provided me. I pay more close attention to my sleeping habits, I find it helps me stay more active, and I also use it to track my cycle. I found I liked having goals when I used to use my apple watch, but this feels much more passive and my speed, but I'm not using it for heavy fitness tracking. If I wanted more stats, or if I was going to the gym I would probably still wear my watch.

2 months ago

I’ve had my oura for over a year (I bought it in October of 2022, and I bought it in gold) and I am in total love with it. It is exhaustive of metrics that tell you a lot about yourself, beyond sleep, I mainly use it for recovery and reproductive health (it is very good at gauging stress and temperature). One thing I’d love if, especially when the ring is turned off, for a manual logging system to be there and a more user friendly experience in the logged data. In order to maximize on its use, I really recommend actively monitoring your metrics. I have passively checked in on my trends and I feel like I have used it the way I used my Apple Watch, and that shouldn’t be the case. Also goal setting what you want to look out for before purchasing allows you to gauge whether it’ll work for you and how it will. Buying mine in gold, as someone who wears a lot of solid gold, has allowed it to be a functional accessory that blends in with my daily wear. (a lot of people thought it was a cigar band, I have also worn it to a wedding and it wasn’t clocked as a fitness device) and a year in it really kept its color and with minimal scratching. I don’t wear it when showering, but I think you’re safe doing that (I just avoid having it contact soap, but wore it swimming once and it’s ok). If you’re getting the ring, here’s my link for a discount: https://ouraring.com/raf/ef040f6aac?utm_medium=iac

3 months ago

This has been great for focusing in on sleep and wellness and overall health (former apple watch / whoop / fitbit wearer here!) + picks up on cardio and walking / running automatically which is nice to be able to confirm later + has a variety of activites that can be logged + connects with applehealth and strava etc + appreciate the sizing kit that they give you beforehand + decent battery life sidebar: particularly impressed with the body temperature and (new!) stress tracking. It seems to know when I'm about to feel unwell / my cycle tracking before I do! - does a poor job of picking up yoga or other heart rate-steadier activities - can't wear it rock climbing

3 months ago

Friends with ŌURA

Oura rings have been great for tracking sleep (or lack of sleep) and movement. Recently they added the tracking for stress levels which has been both illuminating and alarming. I like that they keep innovating this product.

4 months ago

I think the Oura ring is a cool purchase, and I generally think it's a valuable product. I will say that I think it's best for people who are on the high end of the fitness/wellness/self-care spectrum - I'm not quite so high on that spectrum, so I don't pay quite as much attention to the metrics on a regular basis and don't actively try to analyze them. But friends who do care more about all of that absolutely love Oura and are obsessed with checking their metrics multiple times a day. Because I'm not quite as obsessed, I don't love paying the monthly subscription fee - but I still do anyway. Style-wise, the ring fits well alongside other jewelry (gold, for me). It has gotten a bit scratched from everyday wear, but nothing outside of what you'd expect for jewelry; I'll probably replace with a new one in a year or two.

a month ago

Lemon Oura Ring: Cautionary Tale & Buyer Beware My experience with the Oura Ring has been marred by a series of issues that have left me thoroughly dissatisfied. Two weeks after my initial purchase, I encountered problems with the battery life, which was consistently lasting only 30-36 hours despite the advertised claim of 7 days. Concerned about the discrepancy, I promptly requested a replacement. To my dismay, I was told that the battery was functioning within acceptable parameters and that the variation in battery life depended on individual usage patterns and the selected modes. It's worth noting that I was only using the ring for sleep tracking at that time. In every correspondence, I explicitly noted my request for a replacement. Despite this early red flag, I continued to face persistent challenges with battery life and then my saga with the Oura Ring took a turn for the worse. In July 2023, my ring began randomly failing to track my sleep. This prompted a series of interactions with customer support that only added to my mounting frustration. In September 2023, I was finally informed that the sleep tracking issue was a "known issue" and that the company was actively working on a resolution. However, it wasn't until January 4, 2024, that I received an email claiming the problem had been resolved and instructing me to update my ring. Unfortunately, the latest update proved ineffective, and the situation escalated. Customer support guided me through a series of steps, including taking screenshots, in an attempt to troubleshoot. Regrettably, these efforts rendered my ring completely non-functional, and the ring now refuses to connect to the Oura app. Astoundingly, despite the ongoing and unresolved issues, the company maintained that my Oura Ring was now out of warranty. Today their proposed solution remained a meager $75 off a new purchase, a response that does little to address the persistent problems and the impact on my overall experience. They refuse to acknowledge that the problem starting in July has not been resolved, and that I requested a replacement every step of the way. This extended ordeal with the Oura Ring has left me not only with a malfunctioning device but also with a sense of disappointment in the company's ability to deliver reliable products and satisfactory customer support. Potential customers should approach the Oura Ring with caution, considering alternative options with a more proven track record and responsive support. A strong buyer beware is warranted. If you do decide to purchase the Oura Ring, and encounter issues early on, it's imperative to insist on a replacement. My experience revealed that the company may run you in circles, offering resistance and delaying tactics until the warranty period expires. It's essential to advocate for your rights as a consumer and seek a resolution promptly to avoid prolonged frustrations and potential lapses in warranty coverage.

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6 months ago

Their app gets it wrong fairly often, and the Support Team invariably writes back without responding to what I've written in about. Usually takes me 3 times to ask that they actually read what I wrote in about. Wish I'd purchased the new ring (another brand with what looks like has some additional features Oura doesn't have plus they don't charge any monthly subscription.