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Olive and June gives women nail care products and services at affordable prices.


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10 days ago

Great quality and non toxic which I love! The colors are amazing too! I don't paint my nails often but when I do this is my go to!


24 days ago

My only complaint is that I want MORE shade ranges! The polish is a great formula, they have my favorite brush size/shape of all nail polish, and their top coat is my go-to regardless of what color i'm wearing underneath!


12 days ago

I'm a low maintenance girl and I don't like to spend a lot on nails but I do like my nails to at least look nice. This is a perfect solution for someone like me, fun colors and an all in one system for getting a nice polished look by yourself at home. This looks isn't going to replace fun acrylic nail products but I do like the variety of colors and the easy and quick results I get myself, which is pretty cool considering how lousy I am at painting my own nails.


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5 months ago

I bought this in the hopes it would turn me into a put-together lady who always had her nails done. It did not. I actually found the whole polish system to be complicated!

5 months ago

I love that they are a cleaner option for nail polish that come in a variety of shades for any mood that you are in. I bought a "kit" about 3 years ago and have still been using some of the products. I did find that the top coat dried out very fast.

2 months ago

BEST nail polish applicator. Amazing packaging, super cute founder. Wish they never shut down their IRL Studios during covid!

4 months ago

Perfect purple shade! Photographs well. I work for a purple brand and we’ve used all the shades of purple for quick shoots.

6 months ago

This is a greay budget-friendly nail polish. The color goes on well, and the shine is unbeatable. They are my go-to over other drugstore brands, but I wish they had more colors to choose from. I would love to see more iridescent or "fun" polishes from them.

4 months ago

I love Olive & June! They have a massive color assortment and the colors always go on smooth and last a long time without chipping. Plus, they are really big on education and teaching people how to use their products which I think is fantastic.