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MUD\WTR makes a coffee alternative using organic ingredients and a fraction of the caffeine to provide natural energy and focus.

MUD\WTR Reviews

MUD\WTR reviews


67% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Delicious taste
  • Satisfying coffee alternative
  • Provides sustained energy
  • No energy crash
  • Not everyone likes the taste
  • Insufficient caffeine for some
  • Reported stomach discomfort

Reviewers widely appreciate MUD\WTR for its delicious taste, its satisfying and healthy alternative to coffee, and the sustained energy it provides without the crash associated with other caffeinated drinks. However, some users have found the taste not to their liking, feel that it doesn't provide enough caffeine, and have reported stomach discomfort.

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87 reviews

11 hours ago

I was subscribed to this product, I did enjoy the product but it seemed to throw me off keto, also caused severe leg cramps BECAUSE mushrooms use up the bodies potassium and magnesium, it didn't matter how much I supplemented, still cramps until I stopped the mudwater. My biggest complaint is when my subscription got mixed up I tried to call them, they only communicate through email, we could not get my account straight or my questions answered through email and they refused to speak with me directly, sometimes CUSTOMER SERVICE needs to be a priority, not an afterthought

11 hours ago

I am 53 and had been a life long coffee drinker (addict if we are being honest) but when I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease in addition to Hereditary High Cholesterol I had to divorce coffee. I have a hypersensitive gag reflex and have tried all manner of other products (Epic Fail) MUD/WTR was a last ditch effort for the win!

14 hours ago

Tastes better than the other guys! Getting me through 4 am wake ups to finish a degree program without the harsh jolt of a cup of coffee, or three.

15 hours ago

The best change I ever made! The overall better feeling is hard to describe. Find hard days I tend to crave more, less stressful days are good with 1cup, but feel soo much better off coffee AND teas! Haven’t been any kind of sick/ill either. LOVE MUD/WTR❤️❤️

15 hours ago

Like a dirty chai with benefits! I love the balanced blend of spices in the masala chai MUD\WTR. I add extra cinnamon for a little more flavor punch. On its own, it's smooth and delicious. My favorite combo is maple syrup warmed in oat milk frothed and added to a tbl of masala chai and hot water. It's a happy-treat drink I can take out into the world then avoid spending $6 on a coffee that may/may not meet my standards and leave me with a yucky tummy and a buzz crash. It took about 5 days of drinking it at the beginning to regulate my body to the blend. And yes, the last swig is "muddy" but also delicious! Leaves a little grit on the last swig so good to chase with some water. Overall, love this drink!

16 hours ago

This was my first introduction to mushroom coffee. I'm a Paul Stamen fan and eat/drink anything mushroom. I love the rich earthy taste. I'm off coffee except I do buy other mushroom coffee brands and combine with each other.

17 hours ago

I am a MUDDER! I love Rise and Rest! Mentally, I feel good knowing I am doing something for myself that is more healthy than coffee. I believe your product is the original! The first and only one I have tried because of the proved science and quality of your product. Talk and half truths or spins will not sway me from your products. I have difficulty sleeping and believe Rest helps me relax and set me up for a good night sleep. Keep up the great work and congratulations on getting into Target! I'll be looking for you there too! Rose S.

18 hours ago

I really wanted to quit coffee but couldn't find a suitable alternative. I needed a ritual making hot drink that made me feel better but didn't have all that caffeine. I tried tea. It didn't cut it. I tried mudwater and was hooked. I started by replacing one cup of coffee with one cup mudwater and continued until all my coffee was gone then start drinking 2 cups mudwater with 1 tsp of just shoots added to the first cup. I feel great, most days I don't even need a nap anymore. (I am in my 60s and live in a very hot climate) I love the way it tastes. I like it with halfnhalf and a little stevia.

19 hours ago

I love my MUD\WTR. I have been drinking it for over a year now. I gave up coffee to help alleviate my anxiety, the benefits I received were massive. My energy levels have never been this great, I tell my friends that I have the same energy when I wake up in the morning as I do when I go to bed. AMAZING! I did try a different brand for a month but found it weak and ended up just adding it to my MUD. To save on shipping I purchase two 90 day serving bags. Changing your subscription is super easy, I did have an error on one of my deliveries and they fixed it and sent me a mug. Great company. Great product. Great vision forward and great staff. Keep it up. PS - incase you are reading this, I stopped my Alcami subscription because of their negative marketing. I don't allow negativity in my life. I live and seek joy!

19 hours ago

I have been drinking MUD\Wtr almost everyday for a few years now (since April 2020), instead of coffee and I love it. I mix it with watered down chai tea and oat milk and find it to be very satisfyingly delicious. I drink it hot or cold and don't miss the jitters, heart palpitations, and dehydration I got from coffee one bit! I highly recommend this product and am doing that with my friends, too! I love my body and want to stay as healthy as possible and I feel like MUD\WTR is helping me to do that.

19 hours ago

I have been using g MUDWTR for about 45 days. I used to have atleast 1 energy drink per day, and wit that I would always crash about 4 hrs later. With mudwtr and no energy drinks for 45 days I have had more energy without the crash. I love it. Below is how I mix it I a large shaker bottle Fill 1/2 way with crushed ice 1 Tbl spoon raw organic honey 1 Tbl Spn MUDWTR 2 Tbl Spn strawberry neztle quick 1/2 cup strawberry, banana, pineapple juice Top off with 2% milk Shake and enjoy When I am finished I fill the bottle back up with water to get every last drop.

19 hours ago

Amazing product, company and delicious taste. My favorite mushroom product on the market.

5 months ago

The flavor is meh at best, I didn’t really get the benefits from the adaptogens, definitely not a replacement for coffee as I still needed coffee to get started. And I had a subscription for a couple months. Not worth the money. After I learned that MUD/WTR doesn’t use the fruit mushrooms bug the “roots” that grow in the grain they grow the mushrooms with I switched to everyday dose, and I liked that way better. Taste wise and everything.

4 months ago

I’m obsessed with the matcha & drink either that or the Rise every single morning. I think it’s an aquired taste but I just add honey to sweeten it up! Delivery just seems to take a lot longer than your usual!

2 months ago

Honestly pretty delicious as far as mushroom coffee goes but it's expensive and I had to eventually return to coffee. Also it's not very caffeinated so you get the same high as drinking like a tea.

2 months ago

I love everything I have tried from Mud/Wtr. I am a subscriber and very happy with the service and products I receive (:rest, :creamer and :mushroom boost). I highly recommend this company and their products.

3 months ago

I love MUD/WTR. It’s delicious. There are a variety of drinks I can make with it. It doesn’t give my gut acid burn. It’s healthier and better for cognitive function. I really enjoy it!!

3 months ago

I’ve never had an experience where I had a good tasting mix that stopped my crazy leg shaking! MUD\WTR did that for me! I ordered the REST purple can and I was amazed! I personally mixed it with coconut cream and coconut milk along with honey and it tasted great! My partner drinks it behind my back lol, it is that good! Definitely worth the money! Highly recommend!

3 months ago

I love this product and drink it at least once a day. It's a flavorful blend of chocolate and chai tea, but much more, the proprietary blend of mushrooms improves my overall sense of well-being and provides more clarity of thought. These feelings of wellness have improved over the 6 weeks I've been drinking Mud. It's my morning go to!

3 months ago

I’ve been with Mud/Wtr from the very beginning since the company started. I funny enough still have the first whisk Frother and the newer model which is more blocky. I’ve never thought switching from coffee to an alternative could make a difference in my life but it does! You can’t compare it to regular coffee because it’s not it’s more like a chai latte to me in the way it tastes which if it’s something you’re into like me you will absolutely love! It’s got 1/7th the amount of caffeine so if you’re a regular coffee drinker it will take 1-2 weeks to get used to but it’s so worth it. I can’t see my morning routine without it. What makes it my favorite from all the other brands out now it has evolved overtime and has a wide variety of products to choose from now. I support my local Sunrise!