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MUD\WTR makes a coffee alternative using organic ingredients and a fraction of the caffeine to provide natural energy and focus.


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a month ago

Ordered maybe 4-5 months supply really wanting to like it but found myself using it less and less and less. The recommended dosage was never quite enough to give me the energy and the flavor / frothiness just wasn't there, always wanted to add more cream and milk to it. Nice execution overall and love the mission but not for me long term.

2 months ago

I liked MUD\WTR in theory -- who wouldn't want energy without caffeine? I am definitely trying to not have coffee everyday and welcome alternatives. That said, I didn't re-order MUD\WTR. It just didn't cross the threshold for me there to want to buy it again -- a bit too expensive, not a tasty-enough beverage (and tough to make it homogenous / not 'powdery'), and most importantly, I didn't really feel anything from it. I can see how this product has diehard fans where it clicks for them and they don't mind the taste/texture and are able to feel the effects. I'll be sticking with coffee for when I want energy

2 months ago

It's not a bad drink, but it is not a real replacement for coffee. It is mostly chai, which if you're already a tea drinker you'll enjoy the taste. It also stains your teeth like crazy! You need to brush your teeth immediately after drinking it. I bought a 30 day supply that has taken many months to finish, so I won't be buying this again. My overall opinion is just drink regular chai or try matcha.

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2 months ago

Read the warning label on the can… enough said.

a month ago

MUD\WTR was my first foray into the lands of coffee replacements, and I admittedly purchased it after seeing the targeted Facebook ads. I like the flavor when adding plant based creamer and coconut sugar… leans more toward chai than cacao. The frother is excellent and is contained in its own case which is great for travel. This is almost what I’m looking for but doesn’t quite nail it, and is more than I’d like to spend. Close, but no cigar, MUD\WTR.

4 months ago

Where to start. As usual big promises. The flavor was not as expected. We had ordered the gold but received a different flavor for our first order. I emailed them twice , no phone support. They finally responded and said due to company policy they would not refund for opened items. We were already completely let down by the product flavor and now the support was even worse. Buyer beware. Will not recommend to my worst enemy.

a month ago

Bought the Turmeric bundle which includes a mixer and the Chai. Taste is earthy like other reviewers have mentioned. It has a mild grainy texture. If you use the mixer it lessens some of that texture and smooths the taste a bit. Otherwise it settles quickly and is muddy at the bottom. The taste is a stretch for those looking for a coffee alternative. I did not notice much difference with my energy or other advertised effects. I think it is an acquired taste for the general population. I rated 3 stars for high price and difficulty opening the can. Nice design but the lid is way too tight. I have arthritis. Overall. I personally liked it. Because of price and lid, I will not buy again.

2 years ago

I was very skeptical to try this because I thought it'd be grainy/taste bad... but I'm SO impressed with this product. It taste great (I put it in coffee even though the instructions say hot water) and it taste like a wonderful latte! Gives me a steady & clear focus and energy all day long


Pre-mixed bottled drinks would be cool! Could sell at Eerewhon/Whole Foods!

a year ago

After seeing granola influencer after granola influencer hype up mudwtr on social media, I gave it a try a few months back when a friend of a friend told me he swore by it to withstand the long hours of his architecture studio classes. He loved it, I couldn't get into it. The flavor felt too earthy for me, and I didn't feel like the caffeine did anything for me (but that might just be because I have ADHD). Really wanted to love this stuff.

2 years ago

Just didn't jibe with my taste buds. If you've had (and enjoyed) some functional coffee replacements before, like maybe some of the four sigmatics coffees, might be worth a try, but I found it watery, even with the creamer, and not a bad taste, but nothing I'd look forward to. Would probably froth some milk and try adding it in next time.