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Molekule creates air purifiers to eliminate polluted air in homes.

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4 months ago

Always looking for a deal, I waited for a promo code / sale to make this big purchase. We have some rooms in our new home in which the windows do not open - it's bizarre but here we are... With the guest room being one of these spaces, I know immediately I wanted to get a purifier for the space. I was tempted to go with a much larger competitor (Dyson) but they were too cumbersome and not cute. I ultimately went with Molekule because it's petite, quiet (can be loud if you want it to be on full blast), and looks modern and sleek in the space. I enjoy the ease of controlling it from an app and purchasing filters on a subscription basis. I recommend to all - especially office spaces and venues! I have been hired as a consultant on a few venue projects and have purchased these for the dressing room spaces.

2 years ago

I absolutely love Molecule. You can quite literally feel the difference in air quality. I have one in my studio apartment and it's a game changer. On boost it's a great noise machine at night, filters last super long, and I haven't woken up with a stuffy nose since I got it.


Make one for the car please! There are always smells in my car I can't identify and there's a lot of pollution that's gotta come through the air vents

10 months ago

This has been a game changer for me. I live in a big city and am pretty sure that the air quality is terrible. So I SAVED for one of these because they are quite expensive but I’m so glad I did. I don’t leave it running 24/7 because my energy bill is already high enough, but I run it for stints of several days at a time, once a week or two and more if the air in my apartment is stale. I love that the app tells me when it’s time to replace my filter and it couldn’t be easier to swap out. There’s a bunch of different modes, but honestly it doesn’t matter to me. I kinda like hearing the whirl knowing that it’s working overtime because it’s clearing the smoke from the dinner I burned hehe. The app and reader on it make it easy to use and I love it.

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a year ago

Highly recommend this product! Our last apartment had no fan or hood over the range and this helped greatly with odors, smoke, and particulates. We leave it on 24/7 on lower settings to clean the air as well.


Gets loud on higher settings and is expensive, as are replacement filters.

7 months ago


It’s great if it works properly. If it stops working properly it has a terrible smell. That you can’t stand. Such an expensive product, that becomes a huge problem, no cooperation from the company. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AT ALL.


This was a gift, they have serial numbers on the pieces, and they wanted me to get a copy of the receipt from the person that gave it to me. How can they be possible, I have the air purifier with a serial number from them ???????