Marco Sweets & Spices

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Marco Sweets & Spices makes travel-inspired, craft ice creams using diverse ingredients and flavors.

Marco Sweets & Spices Reviews

Marco Sweets & Spices reviews


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9 reviews

20 days ago

Both really solid flavors. It was nice that I could actually taste ingredients vs it *all* just being sweet.

6 months ago

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I love the idea of making ice cream that has unique and inspired flavors. The dulce de leche and cookies flavor is very good, and the texture is very almost "gummy" that's how creamy it is. What is disappointing to me is that despite the high price tag for this, it still contains corn syrup. This seems to be the only flavor that contains it.

2 months ago

I haven’t tried the other flavors yet but I did have the Spiced Vanilla Chai. I liked it a lot, but it threw me off ,it taste just like Wawas hot vanilla chai,which isn’t a bad thing! I just feel weird eating something I usually drink. So I bought the wawas chai and used the Marcos to make a milkshake. It was awesome.

4 months ago

Since I am a big matcha addict, I got the green tea white chocolate flavor and I wasn’t too impressed.. it says creamy green tea but I found it slight gritty? don’t know if that’s coming from the matcha powder or dry milk? The matcha flavor wasn’t strong enough or tasted like high quality matcha.. White chocolate chips were eh normal. I’ll still eat it since I don’t want it to go to waste, maybe I’ll add it to my daily matcha lattes lol but I’m willing to try other flavors! I love that they have tons of unique flavors to choose from and hope I can find the one for me

a year ago

I tried multiple flavors as I was very intrigued by the branding and unique flavor combos, but none of them impressed me or even were very enjoyable to me. I think it’s an awesome idea, but a bit overdone.

2 years ago

I fell in love with the branding, but the flavors and taste were...interesting to say the least. I've tried three flavors so far - the Spicy PB Caramel Ice Cream, Vanilla Chai, and the Strawberry. Out of the three, Strawberry is my favorite. The Spicy PB Caramel: Don't get me wrong, I love a good spicy, sweet, salty combo. But this one was kind of... not balanced. you get the initial flavor of PB and Caramel (more PB than the sweetness) and then the strange spicy aftertaste that wasn't appealing. I was excited for a few bites, and then couldn't continue to eat more. Vanilla Chai: Vanilla Chai shouldn't disappoint - it's a classic right? but idk, the chai flavor is too forward, and I didn't feel like there was enough vanilla. I think this ice cream would be delicious between some biscoff biscuits or a milkshake with a scoop or two of just a vanilla flavor ice cream. I surprised even myself by saying this wasn't my favorite out of the Marco offerings I bought. Strawberry: This flavor has the aftertaste of anise that I wasn't hating, but I still felt like something was missing. However I do think this one is quite refreshing, I'd add a few fresh strawberries, or strawberry jam/syrup to brighten it up a bit more (and maybe a dollop of whip cream)? I won't give up and hope that there is a Marco Ice Cream Pint that I will find I like - I have yet to try the Turkish Mocha, Moroccan Honey Nut, Ginger Dreamsicle, or the Thai Coco Lime. of these, I find the Turkish Mocha, and the Moroccan Honey Nut the most promising.


The Marco flavor profiles are definitely interesting, to say the least. Some of the more unique flavor offerings available at the grocery store. but I don't think it's quite there yet. I find that the more I ate the Marco Ice Creams, I want to supplement it with other things to enhance the flavor / better the flavor.

9 months ago

This is based on what my parents said since I'm vegan and couldn't try them, but they really liked the Moroccan Honey Nut which leaned more ginger-y. They generally don't like things super sweet and liked that it was more savory in a way. My brother who likes more "classic" ice creams enjoyed the Turkish Mocha one much more than the Moroccan Honey Nut, so I definitely think palate is a big component.

a year ago

Received a free product from Marco Sweets & Spices

Yum! I got to try this ice cream through AISLE and really enjoyed the taste. I chose the Spicy PB carmael ice cream! the texture is great and the kick of heat is a fun surprise