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Maisonette offers stylish clothing, top toys and gears, and home decor for young children.

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6 days ago

We have a play kitchen and my daughter absolutely loves it. It was a bit difficult to put together the directions weren't that clear. But overall we love that she loves it.

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8 months ago
Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Super fun activity
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4 days ago

I placed an order for a dress and crewneck that matched, so my son and daughter could match for the Christmas season. I needed it by a certain date since we were going out of town. The two products were from Petit Peony. I placed the order, I paid $25 for expedited shipping since I wasn’t sure if it would arrive by the time I needed it. Everything was good. 24 hrs later I get an email stating that they had to cancel the crewneck and I was being refunded since they no longer had it in stock. So I called and asked if they had a size down and I’d order that. They did. So I asked for that to be expedited. Because I had already paid for that on my original order. They refused, but instead offered me a 10% off discount. That would have saved me $2.90. Wow. So that means I would have to pay an additional $25 to get it shipped quickly to me, when it wasn’t my fault they oversold the product. I asked to speak to a manager. She said I’d get a call back in 20-30 min. Nope. I called the next morning asking to speak to a manager. She said I was first in queue. And I’d receive one shortly. Nope. I call again about 6 hours later. They still say I’m next. Finally about 15 min later I get a call from a “manager” who proceeds to tell me this company doesn’t offer expedited shipping. I say how is that when the dress I ordered is from the same company, same collection and was able to be expedited. I ordered it once expedited and now you can’t? She again offered me 10% off and I said no I want to speak to someone higher than you, at this point I have become a Karen but I don’t care because I think this is wrong. She then tells me that oh we may have two more sizes in stock which probably means we don’t have any in stock. I said well yesterday when I called, you had quite a few left so all of this could be avoided if they could’ve just approved expedited shipping on my re-order , she said she would try to get an answer from someone higher than her and give me a call back by the end of the day. I have not heard from her and it’s the next day. Finally I just went direct to Petit Peony. I asked her if they offered expedited shipping she said she would look for my order and get it out to me by the date I need it without having to pay extra shipping. She was so accommodating and responded quickly to my emails. I will never be doing business with Maisonette again and always go direct to the lines they sell.

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2 months ago

My package ended up lost and the company completely refused to help in any sort of way. It took them 3 days to even respond to me. They told me because UPS wasn’t able to file a claim for me, then they could not honor any kind of refund or even store credit. I’m out of over $200 dollars as well as the items that i purchased. This was my first time purchasing also, and I did not think it would be my last but unfortunately it is my last. Horrible business practice. They do not care about their customers. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars but would rather lose several customers because they do not want to help. I’m very disappointed. Won’t be shopping with them again.

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a year ago

Maisonette is truly a one stop shop for beautifully designed and globally sourced apparel, accessories and decor for littles. Great for gifts plus has a beautiful in-house line, Maison Me. Like Net-a-porter for familes.


Stock and sizes can be hit or miss.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelLuxury
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