Made Good

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Made Good foods sells wholesome snacks made with real ingredients.

Made Good Reviews

Made Good reviews


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10 reviews

4 months ago

I love this brand!!! It got me through camping out before a concert for many many hours.

2 months ago

I didn't see that much chocolate drizzled over on the bites. However, the chocolate melted in my hand. The oats tastes bit raw and flaky, if you like a good chew. It's a bit sweet on the first bite, I didn't really notice anything crunchy. The birthday cake flavor wasn't strong. It was okay. Each bite is approximately 20 calories, that is quite high for a small bite. It makes a good snack on the go, especially when sweet crazing strikes.

8 months ago

Having grown up with Rice Krispy Treats, Made Good has elevated a childhood treat with better ingredients for the same nostalgic treat that you can feel good about. The Crispy Squares are made with brown rice and fortified with vitamins, which make this treat a healthier alternative for children and adults alike.

9 months ago

I had the chocolate crispy square and the vanilla. They are good but I am an artificial girl. If I want a rice crispy treat I might as well have a real one.

9 months ago

Like a Rice Krispie Treat but BETTER. The texture is sublime and is a great “something sweet” to have without feeling guilty.

9 months ago

I do typically enjoy this brand especially since it’s allergen free. However, I wasn’t crazy about the crispy squares. Had a strange sweet flavor. But texture was great.

9 months ago

The vanilla flavor was so good. So much better than rice crispy treats because there is no plastic residue taste.

a year ago

my favorite gluten-free snack brand. Many brands have overlooked customers with food allergies and gluten sensitivities for years. Made Good is one of my favorite gluten-free brands! flavors are delicious and everything they make is delicious