Lambwolf Collective

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Lambwolf Collective makes a collection of interactive dog toys to put your dog's brain and body to work.

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4 days ago


I will admit, this brand of toys isn’t the most durable especially if you have a dachshund. BUT in our household, we (collectively including the pup) loved the long noodle toy that you can tie into a knot. Now that toy is no longer with us (RIP) but she lasted us a year (give or take 2-3 sewing mends). Our doxie really loved that toy and played with it consistently. It was so great for enrichment since we’d hide treats in it when it was knotted and it also was great for tug of war. All around it was a toy with many great uses and we will buy another one eventually. Speaking on the other toys that we’ve gotten that are plushies (a gourd and a mushroom I think it was), we loved the look of having them in our place but they didn’t last very long. I loved how we could hide treats in the slits that they had but because our doxie plays rough, he tore through them on the first day. Don’t get me wrong, he loved them but we didn’t want him investing any of the material. I’d still consider buying their stuff but would be great to have more durable material.

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4 months ago


We've ordered from Lambwolf after finding them on IG and seeing friends using their toys. Sophie is a HUGE fan of working for food and treats, so toys that are ever changing like their Nou are game changers as she gets bored easily with regular puzzles. We love that everything comes in reusable bags (which we use for organizing our Dog Mom bag and other things). Everything is a bit pricy, but the quality is really good. We also purchased their Olla carrycot that is a bed/carrier combo and it's one of the only ones Sophie will use on her own. The Carrycot with their Mat is our go-to on the go kit to keep Sophie comfortable and safe while we are out and about.

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5 months ago


Waited over two weeks for my order to ship and finally reached out asking for a refund. They said that it did ship and couldn’t refund me and just sent me the link to the route protection company (very glad that I paid extra for the route protection or I would have been completely helpless). But just that response made me feel like they didn’t care at all. The route protection company said that it hadn’t shipped yet and the issue is on the company’s end! So frustrating. I spent over $100 on dog toys and am having to track them down myself and then sent in circles between companies! I just want my money back at this point. Would never order from again, especially their subscription box, which I was thinking of doing, if this is how it goes!


Don’t do it, order cheaper somewhere else, and actually receive your items.

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a year ago


We absolutely love the esthetics behind Lambwolf Co. They make gorgeous minimalistic dog gear and human accessories. Their leashes and harnesses are waterproof and so easy to clean and store, similar to biothane but softer and more lightweight. We also love the poop bag holder, it's definitely more incognito than the usual bright green ones.

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