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Lalo makes baby and toddler essentials that are sustainable and uniquely designed.

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Lalo reviews


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a month ago


I got it right away for my baby the day he started eating solids. Its nicely designed high chair with the option of removable legs which you can convert into a regular chair once your kid stop using it. It looks really chic and goes with our dining table. Got the full meal starter kit as well but the plate started to fall off from the corners after few months so stopped using that.

High chair BowlSpoonsPlateCup

4 months ago

The high chair has a very modern and super cute aesthetic. Grapefruit (pink) and blueberry (blue) were both really pretty color options in the high chair but Sage green or white are the best bets if you want a gender-neutral option. However, I just don't understand why the legs of the high chair have to be that far out. I get the need for a good balance on a high chair but this is a pretty regular tripping hazard, which is too bad because it's a very attractive item.

High chair

4 months ago

Have this for my daughter and overall we like it. Doesn’t take up a ton of space and isn’t an eye sore. Only thing is taking it apart to clean is t very intuitive

4 months ago

I have the high chair and it’s great. Lightweight, slim, easy to take off the tray. I wanted something simple and this fit the bill. The straps are a little hard to take out but I definitely thing their high chair is one of the less fussy options out there. My Only complaint is that the legs stick out quite a bit so they can be a tripping hazard for adults lol. I don’t like the suction bowl because it doesn’t stick to the tray, and the other products I tried (May, slick, cup) aren’t worth the price because they’re not better than what’s out there for a fraction of the cost. The high chair is worth it though.

High chair Bowl

4 months ago

Love our Lalo products! We use the plates, spoons, bowls and cups. They are aesthetically pleasing and love the safety of the silicone for our little one. The suction could use some improvement - our babe has managed to toss her dish many a time. The multiple options for using the cup have been a great teaching tool, but I do wish there was a little stopper on the straw to avoid it being pulled out. The spoons are the best for little mouths! But probably won't suffice for long as they're really tiny. Would love a more toddler-friendly option including a training fork! Hope to be able to try their convertible high chair one day!


5 months ago

I first became acquainted with Lalo through their activity table (and the coloring sheets that fit perfectly on top). It provides hours of entertainment of coloring and crafting. We also use it as a snack table and it’s the perfect size. I then started ordering bibs, bowls, plates and am really impressed by their quality. Lalo keeps creating new products and I’m excited to continue adding more products to my home.

4 months ago

I got the Lalo Play Table and Chair Kit on sale around the holidays, and I must say it's quite chic and stylish. However, over time, I've noticed that the chairs tend to get a bit loose. Since my daughter doesn't use it often, it's manageable for us. Despite this minor issue, I still appreciate the overall design and quality of the set, making it a good addition to our home.

a year ago

I bought 2 of the cups because they're much cuter than most of the baby cups out there. My baby just pulled out the straw and dumped out the milk. There is nothing leak proof about this cup. I tried when she was 12 months and again when she was 17 months. Still no luck keeping any milk off the floor. This is just one baby, but I can't imagine many people have luck using these with tiny children. That said, their stuff is cute :)

7 months ago

Cute and modern minimalist dish set. A little cheap feeling but nice as an inexpensive stylish gift for something that won’t be used very long given kids’ growth.

6 months ago

So far love the color and design and the variations depending on how your baby grows. I find the legs very sturdy and that’s provably what concerned me the most about this design. Happy customer!