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Kitsch makes a variety of hair care products and beauty accessories from vegan, eco-friendly materials.

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10 days ago

every beauty + hair tool you can think of under the sun for a reasonably affordable price. also made from eco-friendly materials? forehead kisses only <3

4 months ago

This is one of those brands that I wanna hate but love. Their face wash headband hair protector is amazing. Love their spa bags and the silicone heel sock. Oh and their hand glove scrubber is amazing

3 months ago

Recently got their extra large heatless curling set and I absolutely love it. It is super easy to use and the curls after I use it overnight look great! Still trying to figure out how to make the curls stay throughout the day, but otherwise I love this product.

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4 months ago

I LOVE kitsch, specifically the hair accessories. My absolute favorite claw clips are kitsch, they’re reliable, stylish, strong, and will tightly hold my hair up all day long. I am also obsessed with the silk hair ties, I have been using the same ones for over a year to keep my hair up at night. They don’t leave creases on my hair and they don’t stretch out. Seriously, kitsch is it for hair accessories.

a year ago

Really surprised that Kitsch doesn’t have any reviews yet. I use Kitsch towel scrunchies and absolutely love it!!! My hair ends up softer and healthier in the morning. I have plans to try more Kitsch products in the future for sure.


More design options on the towel scrunchies!!

8 months ago

I have tons of their face masks. I’ve never used any of the other products.


Their face mask are cute and sick, but not too thick. You can still breathe.

10 months ago

I love my satin pillowcase. It feels nice and cool to sleep on, and I think it helps reduce frizz and prevent my hair from getting messy while I sleep. I also have a pillowcase that covers my existing one, with a terrycloth side. This is great for when I go to sleep with my hair wet.