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Italic sources, develops, and curates premium goods, without the luxury branding, for affordable prices.


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13 days ago

Quality is good but I feel like the selection of items has declined in the last year.

a month ago

I purchased a lot of items for my house from Italic. Prices and philosophy are great, but the quality is a bit lacking compared to the actual premium products that are supposedly produced by the same manufacturers. I give them an A+ in the customer service department

7 days ago

Their activewear is high-quality, great feel, and has amazing looks. Now, I'm a huge fan of Italic

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9 days ago

I want to try everything from this brand. Overall I love every aspect of the brand. So far I’ve tried the exfoliating bundle and I honestly love it!! The price points are really incredibly cheap and quality can compete with other expensive brands out there!

10 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

You have to try their scented hand lotion, they are great. Also, their packaging is really pretty to me and the smell is sooo good.

14 days ago

I've been a member for quite some time and bought a lot of different things for different occassions. Travel/Gym/Work/Casual day or night outs with friends and I love everything that I've ordered. True to size and received the items quickly. Highly recommend 🥰

23 days ago

Italic is one of the brands I am eyeing the most! They offer luxury items from a fraction of a price compare to other brands.

a month ago

The Italic's bag is handy. It looks nice and it is able to hold my stuff. It has no frills and it gets its job done. It makes my traveling more hassle-free.

a month ago

Been using Italic's hair bundle for a while. Hair's looking better. Price is fair. Happy with the switch. Will stick with this brand.

10 days ago

As a frequent online shopper and lover of luxury products, I want to warn others about Italic. Basically, don’t be fooled like I was by their attractive product presentation and luxury brand association. They are basically a high-priced internet scammer. They have no customer service phone line and basically their “easy returns” means easy for them as basically nothing can be returned as items must be “unused and unopened” - does that sound like they believe in their products or hope to have a long term customer. Basically if you try the product and find it does not perform as advertised, you cannot return because you USED IT?? And with no phone line, their erratic staffing of the text line means that they can further frustrate you. After reading the positive reviews of their organic linen sheet sets, I did order a set. Once I put the queen sheets on my queen bed, we found the sheets slid off during the night…and I ended up sleeping on my mattress while my partner was rolled up like a mummy in the top sheet! After paying over $200 for this set, I assumed I could return but was told that they must be unused and unopened - especially ridiculous since the sheet instructions said to wash before using! I did write to the founder of the company, and I received a reply that offered me 10% off my next purchase! Next purchase?? Clearly, this is a quality looking, luxury talking, phony with no idea of what customer service means. Any good company would stand behind the quality of their products…this company must know that there are problems with their product as they will only accept returns that are unused??? I guess it also makes it easier for them to just sell to someone else. I wanted to place this review on their site with the product, but I was not able to post - hmm, wonder why there were only positive reviews? But this is not the path to being a trusted, quality, online retailer - so I look forward to see them going out of business.

Organic European linen sheet set