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Ilia creates natural and organic beauty products, breaking away from the conventions of natural beauty.

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25 days ago

I love everything that I've tried from this brand - lip products and mascara so far.

2 days ago

Their super serum skin tint is by far my favorite makeup product I've ever used. I'm on my fourth bottle and can't see myself stopping using it anytime soon. I often get compliments on the finish of my skin and hear great things back after friends/family have tried it. It's pretty dewy and looks better over time (e.g. an hour after application) once it sets into the skin. It layers really well with cream and powder products. I also wouldn't be too concerned with finding the perfect shade as it's so light you can do a shade up/down (at least in my experience with fair skin.)

skin tint

22 days ago

I have used a lipstick and a skin tint from this brand. The skin tint gave good coverage but I had to stop using it because it was so oily. Like so, so oily. It did not feel good after a full day of wear and was extremely shiny. Also, I tried a couple of shades and neither was a real match to my skin tone. The lipstick was nice, but I would hesitate before trying more of their products.

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8 days ago

I have their multi use blush and mascara, love them both but you have to be careful with mascara, because it has kinds sharp bristles and they can scratch your eyes.


3 months ago

This is one of my favorite clean makeup brands. Their mascara is my go-to. I feel like I've tried at least 20 different mascara brands, but I always go back to Ilia. It is completely sweat-proof, & buildable without getting too clumpy. I typically buy the travel size mascara because I've noticed the full size one dries out pretty quickly.

4 months ago

I LOVE this brand. Their mascara? Incredible. Lip balm? Gorgeous. Lip gloss? Flawless. High-quality, clean, and lasts a while. Sign me up!

5 months ago

I tried the Mini Fullest Volumizing Mascara and loved the way my lashes looked at the start but overtime I found that they would smudge and run.

a month ago

I tried one of their liquid eyeshadows in a sample box. It was an okay product, but didn't intrigue me enough to purchase more from the brand.

a month ago

I’ve tested the mascara and the lip and cheek stick and they are both super !!! In particular the lip and cheek stick : he’s super natural he feels super smooth on this skin (a bit sticky at the beginning, but after he’s super) he hold well and the shade I’ve tested is incredible because the colour is super cute and has glitters so it makes highlights and it’s so beautiful !! It’s a bit expensive but if you don’t have it run to buy it, it’s completely worth of money !!! The mascara is also cool, it makes incredible lashes, but it don’t damage they This brand makes eco products so it’s 100% yes