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Finn makes nutritional supplements for dogs.

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Finn reviews

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3 months ago

Received a free product from Finn

Finn sent me a pack of their supplements a few years ago for my dog to try. They have very cute packaging and my dog loved the taste of the supplements. I honestly didn't notice a huge difference when giving them to her, but she didn't have any major health issues to start.

Mutli VitaminCalming AidHip & JointSkin & Coat

4 months ago

Purchased Finn's Allergy & Itch chews to help out our pup who suffers from Atopic Dermatitis. It did seem to help a little bit at first (slightly less licking and scratching), but after a few weeks, he returned to normal. This did not prevent him from getting new infections. We've been dealing with this for quite some time and of course, there's no cure-all when it comes down to allergies...but this did very little to help. They're nice treats though and he did enjoy them! Perhaps his condition is simply too chronic (he's a corgi and they're quite prone to skin infections). Overall, I believe that if you're already feeding your dog a balanced meal with the nutrients they need, there's really no need for Finn. It's better to just go to a vet. However, this could be helpful for pups with only minor issues.

Allergy & Itch

4 months ago

I love the ingredients and the idea behind this product, but sadly my dog would not eat the Multi Vitamin if his life depended on it! Haha. It smells like brewers yeast.

Mutli Vitamin

3 months ago

Received a free product from Finn

I love the packaging, I love the product but my really picky dog just doesn’t eat it. It’s also on the pricier side for pet supplements so I’ve since introduced other products to my dog which is much more affordable and he seems to like it more.

Mutli VitaminCalming AidHip & Joint

a year ago

Sale or special offer

I bought both the Finn Multivitamin and Hip & Joint products for my pup this past Christmas, and she loves them. While she will eat almost anything, she loves getting an extra "treat" or two each day from her vitamins. I can't say I've seen tangible improvement, but she was in great health before I bought them for her. The packaging was great; I really liked the box they came in and the tins for each vitamin.


The option to save on subscriptions is great and I really liked the Black Friday sale.

9 months ago

We tried these because I received a discount through another app. I have no strong feeling either way. I have two pit bulls with food sensitivities but they seemed to tolerate these different supplements well. I would probably buy them again but have been trying some other options first. I love that they come in a tin vs plastic container. My dogs ate them right up too!