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DEUX makes cookie dough you can eat raw or bake into cookies that's vegan, gluten-free and packed with immunity vitamins, collagen and protein.

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October 2020
Los Angeles, US
Sabeena Ladha
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High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelTasty 😋Worth the money 💸
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11 days ago

I liked the taste and branding. But I was a bit surprised by how much was in there because all the brand photos really overload the packaging to make it look super full. I thought it was fun and I enjoyed testing it but I probably wouldn't get it again. I think it's a bit of an odd size because it's not a one-size portion and it's not big enough to really dig into.


I would suggest single-serve or much larger portions!

Tasty 😋Cool look & feel
2 months ago

Meh, I do not think these are worth the price. I bought two flavors of Deux at my local Erewhon and I was not impressed. In my opinion they had a weird after taste. Its a pass for me.


Try to eliminate the funky after taste.

2 months ago

Really yummy healthy cookies.The best flavor is the ginger one imo. My friends who are hardcore cookie fans thought it was just ok though, but it is supposed to be healthier and gluten-free so its a bit of an unfair comparison. I prefer eating it baked vs eating it out of the tub. Edit: this is the best cookie dough ever imo, sorry I had to come back and edit this review cause I had it again last night.


Think it's pretty pricey at $15 a jar + I consume it too fast!

2 months ago

The cookie dough came quickly and was absolutely delicious!


I'm knocking off one out of five since it is quite expensive. It's very good and I love a good, healthy substitute, but I wouldn't be able to justify a regular purchase.

Love the brand's mission 💕High qualityInnovative productCool look & feel
2 months ago

I really wanted to like Deux. I got the classic chocolate chip cookie dough. When I got it, the top was not screwed on all the way and the seal was stuck to the top of the container (rather the container itself). I contacted the FastAF support who told me this is how all of Deux products are and that they didn't even know why, but that it didn't mean it was 'opened'. The cookie dough itself was okay, I wouldn't reach for it if I was craving cookies or something sweet. I have a strong love/hate relationship with the 'better for you' industry. I just don't know if cookie dough is something that's meant to boost immunity and comfort your sweet tooth all in the same spoonful. In a last resort attempt to try to like Deux, I baked some cookies. This helped and I liked the chocolate chips much better melted, but again, I'd be more likely to reach for one really good cookie than an entire jar of Deux's 'better for you' alternative. Don't regret buying it or trying it this one time, but probably won't be purchasing again!

Innovative productCool look & feel
3 months ago

I think Deux might've singlehandedly fixed my unmoderated sweet tooth. Here's the thing: I love desserts - after lunch and dinner. It's as important as the food. Except most desserts are too high in sugar for the serving size and/or are impossible to stop eating (ie. M&Ms). BUT NOT DEUX. Their Chocolate Chip flavor is amazing, doesn't taste "healthy good" and is filling, so with even 1-2 big spoonfuls you're satisfied, happy, and in control (so you can actually stop if you want). I like it more in raw form than cookies, but both are great!


Maybe a dark chocolate flavor would be nice!

Innovative productFun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋
9 days ago

Worst customer service and worst product I’ve ever tasted in my life. Do not waste your money on any of these flavors it taste like a baby poop and chalk mixed together if you eat it raw or cooked. They will also not give you your money back if you don’t like it


Their customer service could use improvement by giving people their money back if they hate it and if the product actually tasted like food or a cookie to start

2 months ago

My friend had some DEUX at her apartment and I felt bad because I completely finished the jar they had just purchased... thus I bought me own and got on a subscription haha. I love how they don't take themselves too seriously. It seems like they have a lot of fun.


Sometimes the jars arrive at room temperature, but I was told that since it's vegan it's shouldn't be a problem since they have expedited shipping.

Tasty 😋Worth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁Love the brand's mission 💕Lovely customer supportAmazing websiteDifficult returnsHigh qualityInnovative productCool look & feel
2 months ago
🤝Friends with DEUX

I'm a health nut but also a dessert FIEND, so when a new vegan/gluten free dessert comes out I muuust try. I had high hopes for DEUX (cookies are my all time fave sweet) and honestly, this stuff is SO GOOD. imagine perfectly chunky cookie dough (with choc chips/chunks) that doesn't make you feel sick/gross after eating it raw. I tried it both from the jar like ice cream (10/10) and you honestly only need a few bites, it's pretty rich. I also baked a few cookies and they have a really delicate texture while still filling you up. 1-2 and you are good to go. fave flavor is 100% the brownie batter, if you are a chocolate lover you MUST GET THIS. also love choc chip, haven't tried PB but next on my list. also love the clean ingredients (you really can taste the diff) and added benefits. ofc you're still eating dessert but it makes you feel a little better about it all! +1 female founded!


I am honestly just very into the product so would love if they came out with more flavors and potentially packaging options!

Tasty 😋Worth the money 💸Love the brand's mission 💕Cool look & feelInnovative productLovely customer support
2 months ago

I bought these to eat as cookie dough, and was thoroughly impressed. Flavor was spot on and we were able to share as a group of 3 people. Felt good to see quality ingredients and thoughtfulness without losing flavor.


It would be great to see varying sizing and some gifting personalization.

Tasty 😋

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