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DEUX makes cookie dough you can eat raw or bake into cookies that's vegan, gluten-free and packed with immunity vitamins, collagen and protein.


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19 days ago

I so wanted to love this! Don’t get me wrong, it tastes ok. If you’re trying to be more conscious of what you are eating and absolutely love cookies/cookie dough this might be for you. If you’re like me though, and just like to eat some cookie dough every now and then the real stuff tastes better!

22 days ago

I wish I liked this more - the packaging is nice and the flavors are interesting. But it’s just not sweet enough to really satisfy me! I bought the s’mores, cosmic brownie, and the chocolate donuts. I’ve tried baking the s’mores - it was ok, I want to try baking the brownie too as I think that’s the best. But it’s not really something I reach for when I want something sweet - in all honesty I don’t think I would purchase again.

11 days ago

I tried four different flavors, and some were better than others. Overall they were just okay and if I’m craving a sweet treat, this doesn’t really do it for me. The extras aren’t worth the mediocre flavor to me.

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3 months ago

Not very enjoyable if I’m being honest. One tub lasts a long time in my house as I sometimes crave a small spoonful of something sweet. I am interested in seeing how it bakes up though.

a month ago

The most fun cookie dough, allergy friendly! It goes bad sometimes so I eat it quickly. It has given my family back a sense of childhood that was missed because of food sensitivities. Thank you deux for being the best on the market!

3 months ago

Delicious. So, so delicious. I have tried this when they were selling it at Alfred’s and I have had to stop myself from postmatsing it to our place more than once now, because it’s just so delicious. Also a great product to add to any gift basket or advent calendar.

3 months ago

I honestly am not the biggest desert person so I feel like maybe I'm not the best person to review this - I ordered a bunch online - I was super excited about the Simply Elizabeth Granola collab that they did - and I had kind of mixed feelings on the flavors. I didnt love the granola one, I LOVED the birthday cake one, and then I actually could not get open the s'mores one that I ordered. I actually preffered them cooked to raw! The texture settled reallt nicely cooked and they taste like normal cookies. In the end, I just couldn't get through them all - perhaps because I ordered too many. I love the brand, their founder, their shark tank episode - I think they have a lot going for them and excited to keep watching them grow and try out some more flavors and the new donut holes!!

3 months ago

THE most delicious guilt free cookie dough. I actually really enjoyed them as cookies and not just eating the raw dough too. I think Peanut butter chocolate chip was my favorite. Next I want to try their donut holes and the birthday cake flavor, ooo and the magic brownie because that is very reminiscent of my childhood.

2 months ago

As a cookie lover, I will say that you can tell they don't taste AS good as something like Tollhouse cookie dough, but still a yummy, fun, healthier alternative that you can eat raw or bake super easily!

4 months ago

Pretty good for a sweet treat! Some of the flavors could have cleaner ingredients but chocolate chip is good for me!