Day Owl

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Day Owl makes minimal, functional, and sustainable bags from recycled materials with a goal to end single-use plastics.

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Day Owl Reviews


I bought a light pink backpack pre-pandemic (not sure when, though!). I use it every day as a purse and laptop bag combo. I like how much I can fit into it while it's still a pretty small bag. I find the little pocket on the top to be super useful for keys I access regularly and my ear buds. The insulated side zip pocked has been useful for water or a small can of soda (don't judge me!) I want to keep cool until lunch.


I like the bag a lot - so this is nitpicky stuff. The laptop section is *lightly* padded. I'm not actually sure it would keep my laptop intact if I dropped it or it fell off a chair, but thankfully that hasn't happened. I wish for two things: 1. that I could machine wash it (the light pink color is holding up well for as much as I use it but now that covid is a thing I just wish I could wash it once a season), and 2. that is was 1" taller overall so that my laptop wasn't so tightly packed into the bag when it's full, but other than that it's a great basic daily backpack that fits a lot of stuff.

Cool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️Works really wellEco-friendly packagingSustainable products
Sharon K's review of Day Owl
6 months ago

I've never owned a backpack that didn't fray and eventually break where the straps meet the bag, and this was no exception. Unfortunately I threw it out before I knew about their repairs policy.

10 months ago