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Chobani crafted a natural, zero-sugar yogurt that is lactose-free and 60 calories

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Chobani Reviews

Chobani reviews

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92% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Convenient packaging
  • Diverse flavor variety
  • Healthy protein content
  • Minimal ingredients in creamer
  • Not appealing to non-yogurt lovers

Chobani is a well-liked brand, praised for its diverse flavors, convenient packaging, and healthy options. Customers appreciate its Greek yogurts, creamers, and oat milk offerings. However, some consumers don't fancy yogurt but occasionally indulge in Chobani.

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27 reviews

5 months ago

Flavorful yogurt. The individual cups are ideal for a quick, easy to grab snack & the portion is perfect. The larger containers are awesome for smoothies and yogurt bowls

2 months ago

So many yogurt possibilities these days…. THIS IS THE BEST!!!! Can not even eat any other yogurt now. Every CHOBANI product is on point!!!!

5 months ago

Absolutely love the oat milk and yogurts. Their products never disappoint! This is my go-to oat milk and the creamiest in the market, in my opinion.

3 months ago

If your going on a diet I would highly recommend overall I love this brand but the zero sugar was really good for me when I went on my fast the key lime flavor wasn’t my favorite but the brand is just wonderful

5 months ago

I bought this because I Love oikos zero, I found this at costco mixed flavors on sale. It said Zero sugar I thought great I will try it. I got stuck with it and threw it out! There is ALLULOSE 2% in the listed ingredients. Allulose is a FAKE sugar substitute and EVERY time I eat it I get Runny Poop and bloating. SAVE your money buy OIKOS ZERO with NO SIDE EFFECTS! This product would be better WITHOUT ANY SUGAR OR SUGAR SUBSTITUTES this is false advertising DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT you have been warned. It does get 1 star as this is a low as it goes in scoring and I had to get the word out do not eat this at all it is not good for your body!

a year ago

I really love that Chobani yogurt offers a zero sugar version in so many delicious flavors. I don't like to add a lot of sugar to my diet so I had to go without yogurt for the longest time. Once I found Chobani Zero Sugar, it was game on! It's a nice, thick, full-flavored yogurt. I especially like the Key Lime, Milk and Cookies, and Strawberry Cheesecake flavors.

7 months ago

Chobani Key Lime Pie yogurt is one of my breakfast staples. That and the black cherry flavor.

8 months ago

Chobani is a trusted brand in the Greek yogurt space. From the larger containers to convenient single-serving cups, I love the flavor variety. The new Zero Sugar, Lactose-Free line is a new purchase, and the Cookies & Cream is a lightly sweet addition to the morning.

10 months ago

Chobani FIT is the best high protein yogurt out there. The normal range has way too much sugar.

7 months ago

Their yogurt is great, but I especially love their coffee creamer, I know I’m reaching for something w minimal ingredients which is VERY hard to find in a creamer that is more than just milk!

a year ago

I will always love this yogurt brand. It is consistently good and I love their mission. I wish the packaging was cardboard instead of plastic.

7 months ago

I don't even like yogurt that much, but I indulge in Chobani from time to time.

10 months ago

Chobani is my go to yogurt brand that's available in supermarkets. Chobani Flips are my son's favorite, but I like every Chobani yogurt and haven't found a flavor I didn't care for yet. The texture and richness are just delightful.

7 months ago

One of the top choice yoghurts, with an ever growing range of flavours beyond the basic natural yoghurt. Variety of sizes available like pouches, single serve tubs, and large tubs. Very creamy and the right amount of tartness. They even have a dog yoghurt which my cats love.

8 months ago

The cups are so convenient! My son loves the various flavors! It's a great breakfast food, lunch food, and even a nice "dessert" at night! I'm happy with the protein content, too. We enjoy these regularly at our house!

9 months ago

Finally a great tasting low sugar yogurt. I like the texture and flavor profiles. I find the vanilla more often than the Key Lime Pie but both are great tasting and have a good amount of protein.