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Chewy offers a range of pet food, treats, and supplies delivered to your door.


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23 days ago

Chewy was a godsend for pet owners during the pandemic. It's a great, fair-priced competitor to Amazon and has excellent customer service.

a month ago

I feel so net neutral about Chewy. Pros: they've got everything. the medication situation is great. Cons: they need to catch up with Amazon on shipping-- they say 1-3 days, in my experience they ship with FedEx and it's all over the place and not consistently on time or even close to when they initially tell you it will arrive. For meds, I'm a Chewy girl, but for some other essentials... unfortunately I feel like Amazon is more reliable.

2 months ago

Whether it’s for a one time purchase or monthly delivery great customer service and company. I’ve had to return a food that my dog didn’t like and they told me to donate it instead of send it back. You can also get prescription foods

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2 months ago

The most incredible place to shop for your pet. Customer service is flawless. Literally the best prices around. Insanely fast shipping. Wide variety of products. They sent me a handwritten birthday card for my dog's upcoming birthday. Take all my money, Chewy!

a month ago

I’ve had multiple issues surrounding shipping & don’t see myself ever buying from them again. Shipping delays (especially without any warning) are so unprofessional, but when it comes to getting an animals food delivered- it’s just unacceptable. Provide liberal quotes for shipping times & keep customers in the loop if there are delays!

3 months ago

Chewy makes it so easy for me to get pet supplies. I never have to worry about forgetting to restock rabbit litter or hay. It’s also clutch for when I have a foster animal coming in and need a few last minute items that my pet stores don’t have in stock. The variety of products for all different pets is really impressive— the one thing I found they were limited in was cute dog collars. As a foster dog mom, finding cute accessories for “unadoptable” dogs is a must. Chewy doesn’t have the best selection, but is really good about keeping specialty dog foods/snacks/toys/enrichment in stock for some of my shelter babies. The customer service is elite, and you’ve probably seen the viral videos of Chewy HR reaching out to those who’ve recently lost a pet with heartfelt, handwritten notes and gifts. My one gripe is that the mobile app kind of sucks— I find that it lags a lot and has messed up my delivery address more than once.

2 months ago

chewy is a big corporation, yes, but they have a lot of heart. It's convenient to use and when my dog passed away they sent me a card. Even my own vet still sends me reminders to have his vaccines done and my vet was in the room when he died... so .... yay chewy and boo to the pet healthcare system.

3 months ago

Awesome company. Huge selection of products at very cheap prices. And delivery is fast. And subscription options as well.

3 months ago

delivery is super fast, i pretty much receive my products next day, amazing for standard shipping. their house brand 'frisco' grass litter is the best i've ever used, but their autoship "discounts" are laughable.

2 months ago

Great alternative to Amazon for pet stuff, and also has prescription meds available.