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Black Girl Sunscreen creates sunscreen products that are specifically designed for people of color.

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6 months ago

☀️☀️☀️☀️⭐ five stars This sun screen is my go to for nice coverage with no white cast and a lightweight finish. The price is so good that I feel good just using it to lather my whole body. Protect yourself

7 months ago

Liked it but didn't love it. Has a nice dewy finish and is great for layering. No ashy cast. I have severe eczema and after 3 weeks of consistent use I started getting breakouts on my face. They resolved only with stopping use of the sunscreen. I gave my leftover product to my boyfriend and he's enjoyed it and wants to repurchase. I think it's worth at least trying!

6 months ago


there is no better sunscreen on the Western market than their kids formula. point blank. between the hydrating, dewy, and cast-free formula, the affordable price point, and the ease of access, there's nobody else doing it like this. sure, there are some Korean sunscreens that give BGS a run for their money, but you can't tell me that saving a few bucks is worth the shipping times and stocking problems often encountered on big K-beauty retail sites. if i unexpectedly run out of my tube of BGS sunscreen, i can literally just bop down to target and be back home with a new tube within half an hour. i'm notoriously disloyal to products (half the fun of skincare is trying new stuff), but i've been using BGS for nearly a year now and i have no intentions of stopping.

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10 months ago

This is hands down my favorite sunscreen! I've tried a few others and most of them typically leave a white cast or just have an odd texture against my skin. This is PERFECTION in a bottle. It just melts into my skin and keeps me sooo moisturized! I love using it before putting on makeup because it helps my makeup go on smoothly.