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Belgian Boys makes an assortment of indulgent breakfast, snack, and dessert items.

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6 months ago

Their pancake bites are to die for. They are unlike any others you will find in store. They have the authentic Belgian taste and are one of my favorite breakfast treats.

a year ago

I can't get enough of their cookie tarts! They're individually packed and perfect right out of the fridge. Not excessively sugary but very tasty nonetheless.


I wish they were more widely available.

a year ago

The absolute best way to enjoy convenient decadent desserts with the highest quality "junk" out there (they use butter instead of canola oil and stay away from nasty food colorings, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients) The stroopwafels and french toast are my absolute favorites! Long live Belgian Boys!


I would love if Costco carried the french toasts.....

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9 months ago

Such a cool, fun brand that also makes amazing products? SIGN ME UP! Obsessed with their Stroop Waffles (they've nailed the balance of crunch + gooey!) and I had the opportunity to sample their pancake cereal and will be keeping my eyes peeled for increased distribution of all their products- hopefully soon!