Aurate New York

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Aurate New York creates sustainable and stylish fine jewelry designed with durable materials that withstand everyday wear and tear.

Aurate New York Reviews

Aurate New York reviews


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13 reviews

3 months ago

I got a couple of rings from Aurate and feel that they are of higher quality compared to other brands and a bit thicker. They are still pretty thin so bend easily but I feel Aurate has a great selection of designs and pricing (especially on sale).

3 months ago

I wear their gold vermeil hoops everyday and they’re great quality at an accessible price point!

3 years ago

I super love their minimalist stud earring designs (I have the midi gold bar earrings -- I've seen it on some acquaintances and TV shows, it's a discreet IYKYK brand). I love that you can easily customize according to color tone, gold quality, and whether your purchase comes in solid gold or gold vermeil. Prices are reasonable.

2 years ago

Big fan of this brand. I bought a couple of the vermeil rings and never took them off. The gold faded, so I just upgraded to real gold so I won’t have a fading issue. Worth the money if you go for real gold, not vermeil.

2 years ago

I love their jewelry. A 10/10 for everything: the variety of designs they offer, the solid gold factor (as I get older, I only buy solid gold jewelry now for the sustainability and long-lasting factor), and the price points.

9 months ago

I got the Aurate x Michelle Choi Gold vermeil on Silver bracelet with blue topaz. Honestly, not impressed my the quality it has a plastic feel to it. And the colour of the gold does not compare to 18k.

7 months ago

I have a few gold rings from Aurate - one that I've had for at least 4 years, another that is relatively new. Overall, both have held up incredibly well - I pretty much never take them off and they look as good as new. Love the unboxing as well - can't comment on the shipping as my second ring was through a sample sale.

a year ago

Reviewing a gold vermeil ring. It's cute, easily stackable and good quality. I've had it for over a year now and it maintains it's gold shine!

2 years ago

Simple and high quality. I shopped with them in SF, and they have great customer service in-store. I prefer Aurate to Mejuri since Aurate has a lot more rose gold options the details seem better for the price. Plus, lifetime warranty. The pretty packaging the rings come in makes for a nice unboxing experience.

a year ago

Received a free product from Aurate New York

I got an anklet as a gifted item from Aurate and I've been wearing them ever since I got them and it still looks as pretty as from the first day.