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Apothékary creates plant-based medicine to remove the unhealthy toxins from our mind, body, and soul.

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Apothékary reviews


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26 reviews

3 months ago

I’m a super big fan of this alcohol alternative brand! I have tried the wine down (red wine alternative) and the take the edge off (white wine alternative) I prefer the white wine alternative (pictured) and even used it while getting on my wedding day!

6 months ago

I recently tried Apothekary for the first time purchasing the "Free Spirit Sober Sips" mini set, which included the Wine Down, Rose All Day, and Take the Edge Off mini tinctures. And I... am... OBSESSED!!! I needed something with a punch to replace my booze for dry January and holy cow, it does what it says. The brand IS a little pricey, but honestly now that I'm in my mid 30's I'm willing to pay the price for products that actually could benefit my longevity. Worth it!

a month ago

Not a great experience overall… but I guess could be worse. Customer care is so so, were too slow to respond, but at least they finally addressed the issue.

3 months ago

"HORRIBLE customer service - took money without my consent Terrible customer service. I subscribed, I tried the product for a month, I did not care for it, it didn't work for me, so I cancelled my subscription via their online portal after trying the product, then sent another order, I was like ok maybe I missed the cut off for the subscription, thought nothing of it, went online, and verified subscription cancelled, same thing happened the following month. this happened 3 times! They continued to charge my card and send orders, I tried to call with no success, so I had to email them, and they basically said that they show I was ""unsubscribed"" as of that month, and they refuse to refund my money, stating there are no returns after 30 days. Now I need to go to my bank, and dispute the charges, block them from having access to my bank information. I do not recommend this company at all due to the lack of customer service, and a faulty subscription service which is clearly an issue they are not willing to resolve."

3 months ago

I got the wine down set and I tried all three - the red the white and the rose- all of them just tasted like dirt water. If people have tips I’m open to them. But in water - these are gross.

a year ago

Received a free product from Apothékary

I tried the Slay All Day, which is their matcha powder promoted to help give you a boost. I slayed until about noon, and then had reach for a cup of coffee :( maybe if you’re not heavily addicted to caffeine like me, it might work for you. I will say, I added the powder to a strawberry smoothie, and it was DELICIOUS. I have other travel packets like the “follow your gut” and “do not disturb” but I’m unsure what to mix them with for now. fun to try, but probably won’t buy the full size products.

8 months ago

Their tinctures are great. I am not a powder fan so I purchased the tinctures as soon as they brought them out! I love the idea of natural medicine instead of the pills and medication I have to take for my stress and anxiety and this really made me impressed. Im' a believer. I'd taken it straight or added it to tea, and I feel a nice affect. Even my husband, or is skeptical of products like this, was surprised how relaxed he'd felt after consuming it. Definitely looking into the other products as well.

9 months ago

Customer service is poor. No response. Products caused a severe skin reaction within 30 minutes of ingesting. 10/10 would not recommend if you have ever had a reaction or allergy to anything at all. I requested to send back completely unopened products (because I bought a lot) and they left me on read. Zero customer service, I spent 2 days in the emergency room directly because of these products.

10 months ago

I got hit with an ad and then I saw 3-4 friends post about the brand. I’ve been taking their Mind over Matter blend and tinctures and have been loving them. It’s made such a difference in my focus and stress levels. Love the packaging and delivery of product as well, I don’t take melatonin or drink wine anymore!!

a year ago

I absolutely love their new white wine tincture. I’ve tried everything from the brand and while the powders take some time to get used to, everything works so well. Love the glass and mission to provide clean alternatives to OTC supplements and pills all on the shelves (often with other fillers / crap inside). Believe they’re also women owned 💯

2 years ago

Apothekary — by any measure - is a Brand that has a real purpose with thoughtfully concocted products My wife purchased Stop Wine-Ing so I had a healthy(er) unwinding alternative after long days The good: I mixed the powder with warm water as instructed, but went a little rogue by then pouring over ice and topping with a splash of Topo Chico. I was pleased with the flavor, though it’s not a flavor I’d go out of my way for (somewhat like a sweet tea) The bad: The serving size is 1tsp of powder. Unfortunately, the opening of the spice-like glass bottle was too narrow for any reasonable 1tsp measuring spoon and the powder was a bit clumpy, making it really difficult to measure out. Minor inconvenience. I didn’t really feel noticeably more relaxed or any other impact, other than the psychological victory of swapping this for a glass of wine.


More functional bottle. Powder that doesn’t require warm water to mix well. Better and more robust recommended “recipes” for mixing

10 months ago

FULFILLMENT, SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES! I've been a customer for several years and absolutely LOVE the 'The Mind Over Matter" product. I'm giving this company (Apothekary) a one star rating for their customer service, fulfillment and shipping process. I'm on a subscription that was monthly, then decided to go every-other-month some time ago. What a NIGHTMARE! Now I have too many and the product keeps coming. So hard to talk to a live person, so you have to email and wait. Finally I thought the problem was resolved earlier this week, when I got this email from Paige: Hi Bree, Thank you for sending that along! I have made those updates to your subscription. Your next order of Mind Over Matter is set to fulfill on 9/24 and every 2 months after. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! Have a great day! Paige Apothékary | Find Your Fix Quiz | Book A Consult As seen in The New York Times, Forbes & Well+Good But late last night they sent me an email saying that another shipment is being sent out now! One month earlier than Paige said it would be just a few days ago?!. So now I'm back to square one. The owner needs to get her process in order, because I've checked other reviews and see that this is not an isolated issue. I'm a business owner too, and the amount of time I've spent on this is ridiculous! I've request (again) that they stop this shipment and stick to the plan, ship out at the end of this month (Sept), then every 2 months after that. Because I'm, not paying for this. If I didn't love the product, I'd cancel everything and never look back.

10 months ago

I've been using Apothekary's product for over a year and the benefits have been noticeable. I've been using Follow Your Gut and Chill the f* out the most. I mix it in with a smoothie in the morning and one in the afternoon. Awesome product, tastes great mixed in with a smoothie and easy to pack on business trips. Lifetime customer.

a year ago

I’ve been looking for a stress relieving drink alternative to wine as I can sometimes drink a whole bottle alone. It’s a lot!! Friend referred me to their products and I really like them. They don’t fully dissolve (at least the powdered blend) but it shows they’re clean with no other crap in it. I love the tincture, just drink it with juice or sparkling and in a fancy glass. I probably use their products 3-5 times a week, recommend it. Always try to order earlier in the week as they can ship slower if high orders are coming in.

10 months ago

I'm a long-time customer and a big fan of Apothekary. My first purchase was their starter set; I used so many products within the set daily/ weekly, so ended up subscribing to many of them. My favorite ones are Blue Me Away, Take the Edge Off, You Dew You, and Stop Your Wining. Blue Me Away (energy) has been a lifesaver since the day I tried it about 8 months ago. It's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, it has the prettiest blue and tastes delicious only with some almond milk, little coconut sugar, and some ice. There are no jitters (caffeine free) from that product, and it helps me focus really well. I love Apothekary and can't wait to try their new product!

10 months ago

I take Lion’s Mane in my coffee every single morning. It does not change the taste of my coffee at all and I can feel the difference in my focus every time I take it

10 months ago

These herbs really work. I particularly like their new product, Rose Tinted Glasses. I tried it mixed with water. Loved how easy it was to make a quick drink with it (just mixed with water), and I noticed the elevated focus and energy I had pretty quickly after.

a year ago

I really wanted to LOVE take the edge off. It was relaxing, but it gives me a headache every time I’ve taken it. I am going to send it back.

a year ago

Discount code

They have you sign up for a membership to get a discount which is great. HOWEVER, when you try to cancel they’ve installed a glitch in their system which doesn’t allow you to do so!! So now that I cancelled my card they’ve managed to hold a shipment I’ve already paid for!! They keep asking me what my mailing address is as if they’re going to ship it. I’ve gotten all my packages before so why they decided to hold my shipment to verify my address is a complete scam! I think the product is fine enough but the company is seriously shady!!


The product could dissolve better but it’s fine.