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About Face makes a collection of high-performance, vegan makeup for everyone.

About Face Reviews

About Face reviews


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8 reviews

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3 months ago

About Face has captured my beauty-loving heart with its commitment to delivering high-performance, vegan makeup that transcends boundaries. Among their stellar collection, the Eye Paints stand out as a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, inclusivity, and cruelty-free elegance. The first stroke of About Face's Eye Paints is a journey into rich pigments and seamless application. The range of vibrant colors, from sultry earth tones to bold and daring hues, provides endless possibilities for self-expression. The creamy texture glides effortlessly onto the eyelids, making the application process both enjoyable and precise. What truly sets About Face apart is their unwavering commitment to vegan beauty. The Eye Paints are not only a canvas for creativity but also a guilt-free indulgence for conscious consumers. Knowing that the formulation is free from animal-derived ingredients and cruelty adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the makeup experience. The versatility of the Eye Paints is remarkable. Whether I'm going for a subtle everyday look or a bold, avant-garde statement, the buildable nature of these paints allows me to unleash my creativity without limitations. The blendability is exceptional, enabling smooth transitions between shades for a seamless and professional finish. About Face's dedication to inclusivity is evident in the diverse color palette of the Eye Paints, catering to a wide range of skin tones and preferences. It's a celebration of beauty for everyone, reinforcing the brand's commitment to makeup as a form of self-expression that knows no bounds. The packaging of About Face's Eye Paints is both sleek and functional, reflecting the brand's modern aesthetic. The easy-to-use applicator allows for precision and control, making the Eye Paints a user-friendly addition to my makeup routine. In a world where beauty is becoming increasingly mindful, About Face has successfully blended ethics with elegance. The Eye Paints are not just makeup; they're a celebration of individuality, creativity, and a kinder approach to beauty. Elevate your makeup game with About Face, where high-performance meets vegan glamour.

matte fluid eye paintsabout-face beauty

6 months ago

I was disappointed with their fluid eye paint. It applied really splotchy and unevenly. It comes in fun color options but when I tried doing makeup art with the white one, it refused to cooperate. I tried applying by brush, by metal dotting tool, and by blending it out with my finger, and nothing worked the way I wanted it to. Considering how much good I had heard about this brand, I was incredibly disappointed in the first product I tried from them.

matte fluid eye paints

6 months ago

truly my favorite makeup brand! their products hold up so well throughout the day! crying, sweating, swimming, anything IT STAYS ON! their shadowsticks are so easy to use and make a quick fun look when you're in a rush! and the matte fluid eye paints hold up so well and are extremely versatile they can be a base, a graphic liner, blended out, literally anything! the lipglosses are some of my favorites on the market! they are not sticky, they are definitely hydrating, and they still have a glossy sheen! this is truly such an incredible makeup brand and it is worth your time and money!

matte fluid eye paintsshadow stickslight lock lipglossabout-face beauty

a year ago

Ordered two matte fluid eye paints. The packaging is very pleasing to the eye and good quality product.


Somehow I imagined the eye paints bigger, but that's on me because it said the size on the website and I just didn't pay attention. Still five stars.

a year ago

Love that the product that they sell are all geared to make us more creative. I have bought some products for me, but also for my sister because she absolutely loved them. They are very and when I say very pigmented they are! Wooow

a year ago

My experience with about face is solely with the matte fluid eye paint. I am very upset that this product didn't come into my life ages ago. I finally decided to purchase a couple and I'm obsessed. I have greasy deep set eyelids so I have tried so many products that said they wouldn't budge and boy did they budge. Almost everything ends up in my creases. This, however, stays put. Should you sleep in it? No. Did I sleep in it? Yes. And it still looked good in the morning. It's buildable so you can go subtle or bold. I'll definitely be buying it again.

a year ago

I bought the matte fluid eye paint in blue and red. Love the pigmentation but the applicator sucks! (photo with red is where I messed up and had to start over.


Change the application so it has a pointed tip. It's too hard to achieve an eyeliner with such a flat applicator. It forces you to apply as eyeshadow which is TOO much.

a year ago

I purchased the shadow sticks from Ulta and I am very pleased with the product. The application is smooth and easy. I can blend it easily or allow the line for a more dramatic look. I really appreciate the fact I don't have to 'tug'on it which can create increased wrinkles or lines over time! This is definitely a 5 star for me.