August 10, 2021

Team Testing

Team Testing is our internal product testing program where every Friday, our remote team presents a product from Thingtesting's directory and shares our experience with each other over Zoom. You can read what we thought of the brands we've been testing by clicking into the individual brand pages below.

Our editorial team has recently covered the mezcal and tequila category along with the domination of hard seltzers. So, we decided to give a couple of these alcohol brands a test drive. We've been making cocktails with Yola, a mezcal produced by an all female team, sipping Volley and Onda tequila seltzers head to head, as well as Zuzu, a sparkling agave spirit. If you're one of the sober curious, we've been drinking Ghia's new canned spritzes, too.

Our team has also been indulging our sweet tooth, with teammates testing health-conscious, plant-based chocolate Gigantic! and eating vegan cookie dough by Deux right out of the jar.

If you've been out and about soaking up the last rays of summer, you might find our reviews of Larq, a water bottle that doubles as a mobile purification system, Warby Parker sunglasses, and Supergoop! sunscreen (which our reviewer community especially loves) helpful for your next hike. Meanwhile, catch me reading the latest U.N. climate change report and searching through our sustainability filters for brands to support that are kinder to the earth.

Have a suggestion for what our team should test next? Let us know here. Want to write your own reviews for brands on Thingtesting? Join our reviewer community here.

Happy summer from the Thingtesting team!

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