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Ghia is a non-alcoholic social tonic packed with botanical extracts.

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June 2020
Los Angeles, California
Melanie Masarin
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About Ghia
Ghia is a social tonic inspired by mediterranean aperitivo culture, made for nights to remember. Our pure ingredients, a biting combination of botanical extracts — no alcohol — are powerful enough to bring out the best version of you without numbing the night (or the next morning). The original flavor is bright and bitter and tastes like summer on the rocks. Have it on ice or in the cocktail of your choice, ideally with good music and even better friends.
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Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelFun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋
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I loved the canned Spritz! The flavor was great and I didn’t miss the alcohol; unlike many other alcohol free substitutes, this one was flavorful and not too sweet. A few people at the party asked what I was drinking and were excited to try! I also think these would make a great mixer if you wanted to add a little bit of alcohol to the drink.

Cool look & feelTasty 😋
25 days ago

As someone who doesn't typically choose zero-proof cocktails, I have enjoyed Ghia's flavor as a weekday drink option due to the punch its extracts pack (I wish they brought even a little more). I've found mixing Ghia with Fentiman's lemonade or a mineral water like Topo Chico over ice does the trick. Ghia won't magically turn me into a non-alcoholic drink evangelist, but I won't turn one down ever, either.


I enjoy the flavors and would encourage the brand to go even bolder.

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feelTasty 😋
a month ago

I got a large bottle of the original aperitif to have around as something that still feels festive and fun (and not just like an afterthought) for when we have people over and someone doesn't feel like drinking for whatever reason. Since then, my spouse and I have both tried it with just a little sparkling water, and we both liked it! We haven't really tried to get more elaborate with cocktails, but I would imagine adding some kind of sweet component would make it even tastier (there's really no sweetness to the product by itself). Also, I know it might seem silly, but I actually think that the design/ branding of the bottle itself, and the beautiful color of the liquid inside, make a difference in terms of our reason for trying Ghia (having inclusive drink options around when we entertain).


I don't think the claims about "energy" and "calming the mind" should be the reason you try this. I'm not sure those effects really exist. Which is fine! It's a fun and fancy nonalcoholic drink option, and it doesn't have to have health benefits!

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelTasty 😋
2 months ago

Received this as a gift. The unboxing experience was unreal. I really wish I took a picture. It was definitely cool and experiential which made me really excited to try Ghia. I think the drink itself was tasty. I didn’t get the kick of energy or calm down the mind… but it was enjoyable. I don’t know if I would order again, but if someone were to offer it to me - I wouldn’t turn it down. Comes with a recipe book for mocktails too!

Good for gifts 🎁Fun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋
2 months ago

I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address, and their customer service was SO helpful in getting back to me asap. The drink was tasty, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the price to volume ratio. Also, it starts to settle after awhile, so I felt a rush to finish it in a short amount of time


The volume of product.

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁Innovative productAmazing website
2 months ago

I've admired Ghia's branding and voice from afar and finally tried it once I found a bottle in a store. I really enjoyed it! I had it with club soda and ginger beer and the bubbles really leveled it up for me. I've also tried their spritz can and was equally impressed. As someone who doesn't love drinking during the week, it was cool and special enough to have with dinner and still feel like I was getting an experience. I found the taste interesting, complex and pleasant.


I'd love to see more retail distribution and on restaurant menus!

High qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋Amazing website
2 months ago

The whole experience is amazing, long after you've had your first sip. Ordering and delivery = quick and easy. Unboxing is great - from the copy on the box to the coasters. Tastes absolutely delicious and mixes well. It's become an evening ritual for me. I love that it's freshly made and also love the text messages from the brand!


While I love this one, I'm ready for different blends!

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋Amazing websiteEco-friendly packaging
2 months ago
💸Received a free product from Ghia

tastes lovely with tonic water, and love a female-founded company!

3 months ago

It’s a cool concept but tasted awful. The packaging is nice and the bottle is pretty to be reused, but the taste, which is arguably the most important was vile.


Better taste

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feelFun unboxing 📦Love the brand's mission 💕
3 months ago

Everything about Ghia's branding is off the charts. Truly a community I want to be part of - and it tastes good!

Innovative product
3 months ago

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