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Volley makes no sugar, agave tequila seltzers mixed with organic juices.

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June 2020
New York, US
Christopher Wirth
Camila Soriano
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Amazing websiteHigh qualityTasty 😋Worth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁
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2 months ago

I was excited to try Volley but was disappointed. I thought the fruit juices tasted artificial and it really smacks you in the face with tequila. It had a nice level of carbonation but I didn't enjoy drinking it. It felt like it needed to be better balanced between the two distinct flavors in the can.


Finding a way to better meld the two competing flavors in the can. It's also a little difficult to read the can.

Eco-friendly packaging
2 months ago

Easily my favorite of the current crop of canned adult beverages. I'm not huge on most hard seltzers, because they taste too artificial, but Volley just tastes like a clean, crisp, refreshing cocktail. Ideal for rooftops, backyards, beaches, and patios. Lime is my personal favorite flavor. (Be warned that the fruit flavors actually taste like fruit, so grapefruit is truly bitter and grapefruit-y.)


More options, more availability.

Amazing websiteHigh qualityCool look & feel
2 months ago

As someone who willingly will drink a tequila + soda, the noticeable tequila flavor you get from this drink didn't bother me. But the lack of added sugar isn't made up for by the organic juices used, as the drink still comes off unremarkable and not very fun to drink.


Could use a more distinctive, pleasing flavor note beyond tequila + seltzer.

3 months ago

I'm definitely not their target market as I hate the taste of tequila, but I was hopeful that this might not taste like tequila. I was wrong - it tasted like sparkling tequila, and not a nice tequila


I know it's no added sugar and that has some appeal, but it needs something to make it taste better.

a month ago

I ❤️ tequila + seltzer… It is my go to! Volley was seemingly made for me. Unlike other seltzers on the market that are overly carbonated and have a funky artificial/chemical taste Volley is super clean and easy drink. The tequila is so well balanced with the different fruit flavors; My favorite is the ginger and grapefruit, mango too… And the lime! Aww heck I love them ALL. Volley is my new favorite drink.


I drink the 4pcks too quickly 😂 Need 8pcks!

Love the brand's mission 💕High qualityInnovative productTasty 😋Worth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁