Our approach to sustainability

At Thingtesting, we understand the impact the global consumer goods market has on the environment. That's why we're doing our part to reduce emissions by building a focus on sustainability into our product.

Together we've saved 13,000+ trees.
That’s equivalent to
kgs of CO2 emissions
t-shirts produced
kilometers driven
Write reviews. Save trees.

Harmful carbon emissions are released into our atmosphere every time a business produces and ships goods to consumers. When you share your reviews on Thingtesting, you play a part in reducing the environmental impact of shopping online by helping others buy better (not more).

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Part of being an informed consumer is understanding global consumer goods’ impact on the environment. When you share your reviews on Thingtesting, you play a part in reducing the environmental impact of shopping online by helping others buy better, not more. But we want to help you do even better. Here’s what we’re doing to help you shop sustainably.

Brands by location

Shipping drives a significant portion of each product’s carbon footprint. We’ve plotted headquarters for each brand we list so you can do your part to shop locally.

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Certifications filter

Some brands might say that they're environmentally friendly but those claims require a lot more evidence than they provide.

We've asked brands to submit certifications so you can see who’s walking the walk. 

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Thingtesting directory filters

Sustainability filters and certificates you'll find throughout our directory.

🌲Carbon Neutral Filter

This filter recognizes brands that work with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to measure their carbon footprints, obtain carbon offsetting credits, and implement reduction plans to lower their emissions. Read more about Climate Neutral Certified, Carbon Neutral via CarbonFund, Carbon Neutral via Pachama, Climate Neutral via ClimatePartner and Carbon Neutral via EcoCart.

🐰Cruelty-Free Filter

Our cruelty-free filter includes brands that don't test their products on animals and/or do not contain animal products or byproducts. Read more about nonprofit Leaping Bunny, and vegan certification organizations The Vegan Society, Certified Vegan by Vegan.org and PETA-approved Vegan.

♻️More Eco-friendly Filters

Other filters on Thingtesting sort brands that meet environmental standards including B Corp or give part of their sales to environmental nonprofits like 1% for the Planet.

🏅More Certificates

On individual brand pages, you can also see which brands have other sustainability and quality-control certifications such as FSC Certified Packaging, GOTS, ISO Standards and OEKO-TEX that verify that they’re meeting 3rd party-defined standards.

Finally, trees

We're also doing our part to reduce emissions by saving trees. For every review written on Thingtesting, we invest in a forestation project that reduces carbon emissions. That means you save 1 tree from being cut down in the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, absorbing approximately 7.3kg of CO2 emissions created through the production and consumption of consumer products.

To do this, we’ve partnered with EcoCart, an organization that enables local stakeholders (government, communities and national NGOs) to manage this entire landscape sustainably, in a way that benefits both local communities and wildlife. EcoCart triple-verifies every project they fund and offers laboratory and field testing with third-party verification and site visits to ensure the most accurate calculation of greenhouse gas reductions. The company also confirms that the project uses the majority of the proceeds for growth and not profit. Learn more.