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23 brands launching in 2023

In March we published our last roundup of brands launching soon, and in the months that followed, all 22 have made a splash with consumers. A number of those newly launched brands offered Thingdrops for our Supertester community, including reusable face mask company Experiment, SUPERDRIP, maker of lotion to combat excessive sweating, as well as Biom, a brand offering biodegradable wipes in a reusable dispenser. We tested and tracked a number of other new concepts on TikTok and Instagram.

With 2023 fast approaching it was about time to curate a list of brand launches we're tracking in 2023. Among those we're excited about include eight beauty and personal care brands, three brands designed to give you an energy boost, and three brands for pet parents.

A number of food brands offering an innovative take on familiar favorites also caught our eye, including Flings, making toaster pastries with a point of view, and Rotten, a sour gummy worm product with less sugar.

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