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22 brands launching in spring 2022

In December, we published a roundup of 22 upcoming brand launches we had our eye on in 2022. Since then, at least a dozen of them have made their debuts.

They include squeezable olive oil brand Graza, Canadian dog shampoo brand Dandylion, and gourmet cookie dough maker Home Dough. Thingtesters were able to get their hands on these brands early through our Thingdrop product testing program. We tracked other interesting launches on our Instagram, including Ries, maker of travel toiletries, home replenishment system Outlines, and an organic fertilizer brand called Flourish out of Austin.

This time, we set our sights specifically on brands launching this spring. The below brands, all preparing to go live before the end of June, are offering interesting new concepts in beauty (reusable face masks and lash serums), home goods (tool kits and shower replacements) and food and beverage (sour gummies and dissolvable drink tablets).

While most of the following list is brand new, we do have several repeats from past roundups of brands launching soon. Sproos!, maker of easy-to-install and damage-free shower kits, functional sparkling water Baloo and home improvement brand Cove are all eyeing April launch dates.

Character, a company offering project kits to upgrade your home, launches today. If you'd like to get in on tomorrow's Thingdrop with Character and test the brand for a large discount in exchange for your honest feedback, all you need to do is write your first review on Thingtesting.

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