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Flings makes better-for-you toaster pastries.

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Flings reviews


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26 reviews

All26Sticky Cinnamon4Summer Strawberry2

2 months ago

I would not recommend if you aren’t a fan of sugar alternatives. It tasted heavily of fake sugar and was hard to finish an entire pastry.

Sticky Cinnamon

5 months ago

Tried a bite. Then it sat there on my desk for the entire day. I'm sorry but I'll stick to my poptarts

Summer Strawberry

5 months ago

I really, really wanted to love flings, but they were not for me. It is possible that they are way better toasted and it was user error/I did not follow the instructions, but I ate them the way I eat poptarts (cold, out of the box) and it was very disappointing.

Sticky CinnamonSummer Strawberry

5 months ago

Wanted them to be good so badly, but felt like eating sweetened cardboard. And plot twist; they're terrible for you.

5 months ago

These were not good, they taste like cardboard. Poptarts also taste like cardboard, but for $33 for 12 Flings... I'll stay with the OG.

Sticky Cinnamon

3 months ago

Honestly, really disappointing. I had high hopes as I used to love pop tarts, but find whatever the sweetener flavor is to taste so artificial. I will not finish my box.

Sticky Cinnamon

6 months ago

They are okay. Doesn’t completely satisfy a PopTart craving but it’s got protein soooo…

6 months ago

I discovered these on Thing Testing and ordered the chocolate ones. I was SO excited when I saw they had arrived (in a cool package btw). I tried them right away, and they're delicious. Great texture and they definitely give Poptart vibes. Was I disappointed when I saw they only had 1 tart per baggy? Yes. Did I eat 2 of them to get the complete Poptart experience? Yes. Was that a whopping 24g of Erythritol because each contains 12g of it? Holy crap, yea! My stomach hurt so bad all night after eating them. Don't eat them before a big day or a date because you'll be passing gas and super uncomfortable. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt because I ate "too many" (2) but I don't think I'll be able to enjoy these like I wanted to. I honestly think they could do with half the sugar alcohols they contain and they'd still be delicious!

4 months ago

The product is way too salty. The frosting is very skimpy. Overall Ok

7 months ago

Some of the flavors are better than others. Strawberry is tasty, cinnamon is okay, chocolate is pass. Neither kid liked the chocolate either, which is telling. Did they remind me of pop-tarts? Not really. But I could see them occasionally scratching a certain itch, or satisfying a particular sweet tooth.