In the lab:

16 brands launching in 2024

Over the past 12 months, we've seen a trend in revamped versions of our childhood favorites enter the scene, such as Rotten's better-for-you take on gummy worms, Flings' toaster pastries, and chef-crafted candy bars from Hey Champ. Meanwhile, brands designed to give you more energy took on new formats including orange juice powered by yerba-mate and dissolvable caffeine strips.

Apparently it's not just me and everyone going into 2024 is still exhausted. Energy and focus are top of mind for Giants' high protein coffee, Orka's energy water, and two others on our radar for the new year.

We're watching a slew of brands designed to empower consumers to take control of their physical and mental well-being. Duyu is taking on thyroid health which affects more than 12% of the US population and Rompy is launching a line of community-driven sexual wellness products for young adults. LookUp wants you to put down your phone and top Thingtester, Reese De Luca's Skincare for Weirdos says it's time to embrace who you are.

Of course we'll always have food innovation– Cob is launching the first corn-free popcorn and Oddball is reinventing jello with chef recipes.

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