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Swiss performance running shoes and apparel.

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High qualityInnovative productEveryday wearAthleisureComfortable
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4 days ago

There was ALOT of hype around this shoe this year... especially the Cloud running shoe. From the outside, it is a stunning shoe and looks to be comfortable... but they are not for me. They are SO light that it's almost too light. It doesn't feel very cushioned or supportive, but almost like there's nothing there... and personally for me I don't like that!

Everyday wearAthleisureLuxury
a month ago

Bought a pair of On's Cloudswift shoes for running in London, and they did not disappoint. They're super light and comfortable, and as someone with foot problems, I can wear them for quite long runs on roads and pavements without any pain.


Sometimes small pebbles can get stuck in the sole of the shoe.

Innovative productHigh qualityComfortableFit just rightCool look & feel
2 months ago

I love how they have cute shoes and also shoes that are really good for distance running.

AthleisureFit just rightComfortableCool look & feelEveryday wear
2 months ago

Quite comfy running/walking shoes.


Much heavier than expected. The bottom of the shoes "picks up" little rocks and pebbles all the time. They also don't last very long.

2 months ago

I really love the design and innovation behind On Running and was really excited to try their shoes. They were a bit heavier than I was expecting but the real problem came with running on gravel, little pebbles get stuck in the "pods"


I kind of want to try out the new trail version that seems better protected against gravel getting stuck in the shoe but would love to see a new road shoe with a similar design.

High qualityInnovative product
4 months ago

process of buying - the quiz on the website - was great and super user-friendly.


I'd heard amazing things about these running shoes, and a lot of my friends swear by them, but I found them heavy/clunky unfortunately, so had to return.

Lovely customer supportComfortable
25 days ago
Everyday wearComfortableWorth the money 💸LuxuryHigh quality
25 days ago

High quality and very comfortable. Generous return policy.

High qualityComfortableWorth the money 💸Innovative product
2 months ago

I first got into On shoes because I do a lot of walking/hiking in all conditions. I needed waterproof shoes. I ordered my first pair and they were too small (in my normal size.) After a few wearings I concluded I'd made a mistake and I contacted the company for an exchange. They did it--no quibbles! I was really impressed. I am onto my second pair and equally happy--now that I know what size to order.


I had called the company ahead of time for guidance on sizing...they should update the training of the support staff so they can help customers with more accurate information. I have never bought the larger size in any prior shoe, so On is not standard for an American size/shoe last. (I used to work in the shoe industry so I have cred in this statement.)

Everyday wearComfortableWorth the money 💸Cool look & feelInnovative productHigh qualityLovely customer support
2 months ago

I've now worn my way through 2 pairs of the Cloudflows and had the same issues with both - the inside heel began to wear out within the first couple of months and eventually just disintegrated. After this happened to the first pair the team at On very kindly gave me credit to purchase a second pair but I had the same issues again, and I then decided to go elsewhere for replacements. Another reviewer mentioned the issue with pebbles and stones in the sole of the shoe which was incredibly annoying, but as a shoe the design itself is really attractive, just not great quality or durability for the price point.


Quality, durability, hole-y!

ComfortableAthleisureEveryday wearLovely customer support