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Wildgood makes plant-based ice cream crafted with extra virgin olive oil, inspired by the Mediterranean diet.


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14 days ago

This was one of the best dairy-free desserts we tried! The texture felt very similar to regular ice cream. The taste is surprisingly very similar to regular ice cream as well - very thick and creamy! The vanilla has a sweet, refreshing flavor - not too sweet and overwhelming. You do have to let the ice cream sit out for several minutes before the ice cream reaches the desired texture. Straight out of the fridge it is very hard and you can only shave off small pieces. Would highly recommend the extra few minute wait to get a better texture.

5 months ago

To be fair this was my first time trying pistachio icecream ever. It was really good, nutty and salty and rich and sweet. The olive oil added a lot of body to the icecream. Eat this flavor with rasperry jam or chocolate sauce. Four stars, only because it can be a little too heavy, I feel weighed down after enjoying a scoop or two 🍦🍦🍦🍧


3 months ago


This is one of the best ice creams I’ve had in awhile. It’s so pure and creamy with every scoop with a roasted nutt

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a year ago

I've never had plant-based ice cream before, so I was definitely looking forward to this as there are diverse flavors! While the extra virgin olive oil was prominent but light, the pistachio flavor was strong and went so well with them.


If you don't give the ice cream enough time to melt a little after taking it out from the freezer, the texture gets crumbly when scooping.

8 months ago

Wildgood is a delicious, plant-based, clean-label option for vegan or dairy-free consumers. Not to mention, it tastes UNBELIEVABLE. The pistachio and hazelnut are my favorites. The ice cream is certainly pricey and high calorie-- it's supposed to be an indulgent luxury, though so don't hold it against them. It's good enough that you will actually be satisfied by a scoop (or two!!) and not need to binge the hole pint like with Halo Top.