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Ujjo makes hot sauce for coffee using no vinegar and a subtle sweetener base to create a hint of spice for light and dark roasts.

Ujjo Reviews

Ujjo reviews


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7 reviews

2 years ago

I wanted to test Ujjo because it sounds crazy. I thought to myself “who the hell would want to put hot sauce in coffee?!” Now I’ve tried it, and can honestly say the thought remains. I love hot sauce and I love weird food mashups when they work, but this doesn’t. It adds a weird tang to the coffee and a spice which sits more on your throat than tongue. Fun to try though, and I’m sure I’ll pull it out when friends come over for dinner but I couldn’t see ever using this regularly because it’s actually nice 🤷‍♂️

2 years ago

The only sauce I'm a regular with is sriracha, so I might not be the target audience. BUT the hot sauce was definitely really hot and had a nice hint of sweetness and other spices. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, you'll feel the spiciness in the body pretty quickly. I usually drink black coffee, so it wasn't super delicious with Ujjo, but I think it'd be a lot more enjoyable in a spiced chai or sweetened latte.


Maybe not for me, but think my coffee and hot sauce connoisseur brother would love it.

2 years ago

Just not for me. I was intrigued by the concept as both a coffee and hot sauce aficionado, and once I understood the inspiration for the product I thought it was really cool. My biggest issue is the inclusion of erythritol among the ingredients. I don't usually like my coffee or my hot sauce with any added sweetness, and I especially don't like the taste of sugar alternatives. I'm disappointed for myself but respect the concept!

2 years ago

I bought this as a gag gift for my Dad. He likes hot food and he drinks a lot of coffee, so why not combine the two? After the initial shock and awe of the gift we gave it a try. Now, I don’t drink coffee, but that’s where we started (mind you, after a few drinks)… it definitely gave the coffee a pop but wasn’t enough to change my distaste for coffee. But then I threw some in my rum and coke and I gotta say it gave it a nice kick and mixed well with the flavors. Then we got weird, put some in my mom’s tea, surprisingly good. Then a beer… not so much. Then a margarita, oh yes! Definitely an interesting product and worth playing around with.

2 years ago

My roommate turned me on to dark roast Ujjo and I put it on my burgers and steak.

2 years ago

I thought it was interesting and delicious! Really tasty spice blend. I am a big fan of spicy margaritas and spicy chai drinks so I was really excited to try Ujjo. I will say - it can get pretty hot! Use less than you think you need and build up to your right amount. Super fun brand and I can see this making a great gift.

2 years ago

Friends with Ujjo

This is like an extra kick anywhere you'd expect cinnamon or cloves. It's especially good in pumpkin spice lattes or chai tea. My favorite is the dark roast because of the deeper flavor (think dark honey or molasses) but the light roast is also good if you like brighter drinks. It's not too spicy, just enough to make your mouth tingle. Looking forward to the colder seasons to try it in fall and winter cocktails.