Ujjo makes hot sauce for coffee using no vinegar and a subtle sweetener base to create a hint of spice for light and dark roasts.

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October 2020
April 2021
Columbus, Ohio
Lauren D'Souza
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About Ujjo
Ujjo is the first hot sauce for coffee. Yep, you read that right. Hot sauce. For your coffee. If you're thinking, "that sounds pretty gross," you're not alone - and honestly, I thought the same thing when a friend dared me to throw hot sauce in my coffee back in Summer 2020. Surprise surprise, it *was* pretty gross, but it got the gears turning. Growing up with an Indian dad, a hallmark of my childhood was going to my grandma's and enjoying her authentic spiced chai. I started to wonder - is there a way to replicate that same sensation for coffee? So I began experimenting to see if I could create a vinegar-free hot sauce that would bring out the flavors of coffee instead of competing against them. After 10 months and a *lot* of false starts, Ujjo was born. And even though it started as a joke, it quickly took on a life of its own: since we launched in April 2021, Ujjo has made its way to 48 states and 16 countries around the world. Some of the biggest foodies have jumped on our spicy bandwagon, including Sprudge, The Pioneer Woman, and Morgan Drinks Coffee. But the most exciting part of this journey is the community that has brought it to life: and that's where you come in. I'm seriously so thankful and honored that you've taken the time to read about Ujjo, and maybe I've even convinced you that hot sauce in coffee *isn't* so weird after all. Either way, thanks for all you're doing to fan the flames on my crazy little idea. - Lauren
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