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Tuft + Paw makes curated essentials and furniture for cats like litter boxes, scratching posts, beds, and more.

tuft + paw Reviews

tuft + paw reviews


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3 months ago

Received a free product from tuft + paw

does your cat litter find its way out of the litterbox and go everywhere? couldn't be me because seriously, this cat litter is the best and i know it's expensive but i SWEAR BY IT.

Really Great Cat Litter

2 months ago

We have two of their Cove litter boxes for 2 cats and they're great. They look sleek and do the job. Some litter does make it out of the box, inevitably, from cleaning them out and the cats stepping out but nothing unmanageable. I haven't owned another litter box so nothing to compare it to. Cleaning it isn't fun but I imagine that's the same for all litter boxes :)

Cove Litter Box

a year ago

By far the nicest and least-eye burning cat products out there. They've really cornered the minimalist-scandi-natural wood area for cat furniture and toys, but they're INSANELY expensive. Really only worth it for very specific needs or wants (in my opinion) because of the high price point.


Just too expensive for what it is. I love the aesthetic but can't justify the price 9/10 times.

a year ago

Wildly expensive, but absolutely the nicest looking cat stuff out there. Some of the smaller items can be worth a rare splurge.

3 years ago

I first saw this brand during covid on an Instagram ad. I ended up buying the bamdoll, cuppa tea, and topo toys for my cat because they were the most aesthetically pleasing toys I've seen. I was really impressed with the branding and aesthetically it's spot on.


My cat loved the toys when we first got them, but I've found she lost interest quite quickly (like after the first day when the cat nip wore off). While I love the look of the topo toy, her nails get caught in the sheepskin which is a little concerning. Dousing the toys in cat nip seems to keep her engaged!

a year ago


Tuff + Paw makes creative and innovative products for cats. Each item is carefully considered from the point of view of cat comfort and care. I have cove litter boxes for my cats. These are designed to provide privacy for cats. I use the Really Great Cat Litter and recommend it highly. It is flushable. Odor is minimal. My cats took to it immediately. I have a Nuzzle bed which is well loved. A Floof blanket is on a window perch and is appreciated. A Floof cushion is moved around for cat comfort. We have a Tab scratcher too which is being accepted. Great products, great brand!

a year ago

I first saw the Cove litterbox from Tuft & Paw. It was pricey but was exactly what I was looking for so I bought it. My cat loved it and it solved several problems with litterboxes that I had from previous purchases elsewhere. This was the one! I decided to try their litter also, Really Great Cat Litter. As with litterboxes, I had been searching for the 'right' litter. This cat litter was a hit! I was so impressed that I bought a second Cove litterbox to always have a clean one to switch to. The only reason I did not give Tuft & Paw five stars is due to the higher pricing. I have found the staff friendly, helpful, and genuinely concerned about providing quality products for our precious cat children.

a year ago

In my “litter lab” (yes, I’ve tried them all!) this litter covers all the bases: dust-free, light weight, odor-free, delivered to my door, little to no tracking….and my cats took it no problem. I can manage my online account and set my delivery date for exact number of bags needed; online customer service super helpful ( it’s a real person who responds!).

a year ago

I could tell you how much I appreciate the goods I’ve purchased fro tuft + paw (including elevated food bowls, scratching post, litter box and fluffy cat bed) but my cats are more discerning and should have the final word. They LOVE the stuff. Good quality, great look, and cat approved. Worth the price.

a year ago

I have started using the Really Great Cat Litter and it is the first litter I've used that is dust free. Really. Also very low tracking. A little pricey since I have multiple cats, but worth it to avoid the dust clouds. I have my eye on a few other items as well. The cat beds look great.


I would definitely recommend the Really Great Cat Litter.