The Cereal School

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The Cereal School sells sugar-free high protein old-school snacks made healthier.

The Cereal School Reviews

The Cereal School reviews


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6 reviews

3 years ago

I'm fascinated by these new cereals (I'm all for making cereal more guilt-free) but for my taste buds this just totally missed the mark in every way (I tried the cinnamon and Cookies & Cream) Texture was crunchy but slightly styrofoam-y and the taste and after taste was just really off-putting. I think this is a lot in part to the monk fruit sweetener (I had a few people try this cereal and those who hadn't had monk fruit sweetener before found it off-putting and the ones who were much more familiar with monk fruit definitely had a less adverse reaction but still didn't enjoy them). Haven't tried the other cereal companies so wondering how much is specific to this formulation vs. just these sweeteners in cereal.

10 months ago

Some flavors are better than others. Of all of them, I liked the fruity flavor, as it was the closest to the real thing, but it was still "okay". I eventually would eat it with a bit of monkfruit sweetener.


My biggest complaint is the hard crunch these had. The texture is a bit too shattery and rough on teeth, and scrapey on the roof of your mouth.

3 years ago

I didn’t think this was good at all. However, I gave it to my sister-in-law and she likes it. I like more sugary flavors. May be a good match if you like your cereal more mild.

3 years ago

The idea of what they're trying to do. I love cereal so here for any new takes.


The flavor just wasn't great. I tried the fruit ones.

3 years ago

The taste. The peanut butter flavor is incredible.


I'd love larger bags.