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Spicewalla offers everyone access to fresh spices, roast, and ground upon order.

Spicewalla Reviews

Spicewalla reviews


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7 reviews

a year ago

I was gifted Spicewalla's Middle Eastern spice set after having tried some of their more basic spices and was really surprised and impressed. The zaatar was not what I was expecting at all (it's not green!), but this was the first time in my life I actually used up *all* of a spice long before its expiration date... that's gotta count for something, right?

3 years ago

My close and personal friend Helen Rosner gifted me Preeti Mistry's Spicewalla set, which includes sambar masala, smokey black cardamom, and mustard fenugreek. I use many of the spices found in this set in my cooking already, so while the flavors weren't exactly new, they were super fresh and of high quality.

8 months ago

I wasn't sure how quality these spices would be given how reasonably they're priced but these are lovely! I've tried about seven or so items - single spices and blends - and enjoyed the all. The cheerful packaging is lovely to have in my space.

3 years ago

I’ve now placed several orders from Spicewalla - clearly I’m a fan. Great packaging (bonus that you can stack the tin cans too) and the spices inside are really great too. You can buy refills instead of buying the tin cans again. If you have a foodie in your life, their sets would make a wonderful gift.

3 years ago

After remodeling my kitchen, I needed an entire new set of spices. I came across Spicewalla, which seemed to be much higher quality than the grocery store brands, at a similar (if not lower) price. Intrigued, I dove in. I still cannot believe these potent, small batch spices from Asheville, NC are so affordable! Plus, I love the tins as packaging. TIP: Keep an eye out for the days they offer free shipping!


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3 years ago

Delicious and vibrant spices that can be added to almost any dish. I enjoy cooking with these spices as well as sprinkling the spices as a garnish on top of various dishes.