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SKIMS, a fashion company founded by Kim Kardashian, designs next-generation underwear, loungewear, and shapewear.


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20 days ago

Not very sturdy and not worth the price, however the material is very soft and they do offer a wide range of sizes, which is nice.

a month ago

I have been holding off on skims for the longest time and I do not know why. I have a large chest and bras are super uncomfortable for me, and quite frankly, I think I have cried every time I have gone bra fitting. I just purchased my first skims bra and it is life changing. It is comfortable and I didn't feel ugly in it. I love that there is a wide array of sizes and colors. I definitely need more Skims. Also, I got a non-wire bra for a large chest and they were fully lifted with no sagging. 10/10!!!

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22 days ago

i’m a kim k supporter. some of her underwear (the brief, everyday thong) are my favorite pieces of undies. i received a bralette in which definitely was too small despite using the size chart, and one of the straps was sewn on flipped so it never laid flat. another bralette i bought, softest thing ever. the briefs? decadent. they are hit or miss for me about 40% of the time.

16 days ago

Skims is basically a closet superhero. 🦸‍♀️ These pieces make every day feel like a red carpet moment. 💃 Comfortable? Check. Sleek? Check. Confidence level? Through the roof! 🚀 No more tugging, adjusting, or compromising style for comfort. Skims is where it's at. 🙌💕

18 days ago

Great clothes but soooo expensive! Honestly if you have the money, you can buy some pieces but don't spend all your money, you can find dupes on Amazon!

19 days ago

I liked these more than I want to admit. Not necessarily life changing but comfortable and smoothing.

21 days ago

I am not disliking it because the ownership of this brand. My dislike is a direct result of this brand's poor quality. I appreciate the sizing inclusivity though even at its price point I can't say they offer good value.

23 days ago

Oh, SKIMS, you an enchanting blend of comfort and controversy! Let's dive right into the ups and downs of this beloved shapewear. First things first, SKIMS knows how to deliver on the comfort front. Their products feel like a warm, cozy hug for your body. You'll strut around feeling like the Beyoncé of body shaping. It's like you've found the secret to unlocking a world of confidence. But here's where things get interesting. Some SKIMS pieces have a teeny tiny "crotch complication." Yes, there's a small area that can be a little uncomfortable. It's like they designed it for the kinkiest yoga poses imaginable. Who knew shapewear could aspire to be the next Cirque du Soleil? Despite this minor issue, overall, SKIMS showcases great quality. Their pieces are durable and withstand the test of time (and squats) like true champions. They won't let you down, no matter how much you stretch, bend, or shimmy.

25 days ago

This is exactly what I needed. I've never been a fan of strapless bras with underwire; they've never fit me quite right. So, this was a perfect choice for me! While it might not offer the same level of support as a regular strapless bra, it provides enough comfort to make you feel at ease. Plus, it's incredibly soft and comfortable – like, seriously comfortable!