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SKIMS, a fashion company founded by Kim Kardashian, designs next-generation underwear, loungewear, and shapewear.

SKIMS Reviews

SKIMS reviews


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Reviews mention

  • High quality materials
  • Inclusive, diverse range
  • Comfortable, supportive fit
  • Innovative, stylish designs
  • Inconsistent sizing issue
  • High price point
  • Poor customer service
  • Inconsistent product durability

Skims is a beloved brand, praised for its luxurious products, inclusive sizing, body-flattering designs, and commitment to diversity. However, it suffers from inconsistent sizing and quality, high prices, and poor customer service.

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14 days ago

I have purchased multiple skims underwear and bike shorts. I really love the feel and quality. I assumed it was just another celebrity brand that was made cheaply with no thought - but I was luckily wrong!! I will be repurchasing skims again in the future :)

6 days ago


I recently tried the Skims Sculpting Bodysuit, and it exceeded my expectations. The quality is top-notch, with a comfortable yet supportive fit that smooths and shapes beautifully. The material is soft and breathable, making it easy to wear all day. I love the sleek design and how it enhances my silhouette without feeling restrictive. Skims' commitment to creating inclusive and functional shapewear is evident in this product. Overall, the Sculpting Bodysuit is a high-quality, innovative piece that's definitely worth the money. High recommend for anyone looking for effective and stylish shapewear.

7 days ago

Bought myself

I love skims! Very size inclusive and very flattering pieces!

25 days ago

Skim is super inclusive and I love how soft and flattering their products are although it’s hard to justify the price.

a month ago

Skims should be called Skams. From the extra fees they charge you to the poor quality of these products, there are many reasons to stay away from this brand. The pilling on my tank tops and bodysuits is reflective of how cheap these items really are. I would suggest steering clear of this line and investing in something of quality.

6 days ago

N/a i purchased

The material is very soft and comfortable. I really like the color selection as well as the limited edition colors and they have a wide range of sizes. I wish it didn't go out of stock all the time because it's so good!

12 days ago

The bra is great, but started collecting a lot of peeling on it once washed.

14 days ago

I LOVE SKIMS SO MUCH! It’s the best lingerie, lounge wear & clothing brand, literally sculpts your body perfectly.

18 days ago


Lovelyyyyy!!I absolutely love the way their clothing snatches me!!

23 days ago

Friends with SKIMS

I always love SKIMS! Have to say it helps me to keep regular exercise...creative idea

a month ago

I wish I could do 3.5 stars, because there's such a wide variation in the quality of SKIMS' products. The cotton collection is GREAT - love the cotton rib thong, tank, boxers, etc. The Fits Everything line is comfortable, as promised, but you can tell that the material is very cheap and it does pill with time. I found the bra sizing incredibly weird. I would avoid anything made with cheap poly/synthetic material from the brand. However, I love the cotton undies SO much that they make up for a lot!

a month ago

The menswear is absolutely incredible. I have very large thighs and the way they just conform to my shape without being overly constrictive is just *chefs kiss*. The waistband could be a bit softer, but maybe I just have sensitive skin. I highly recommend them, you'll exude confidence and look like a champion!!!

3 months ago

Such a fan of Skims, the bras are next level and all of their sweat suits I have purchased maintain their quality through multiple wash cycles.

4 months ago

I love the everyday wear tshirt from skims. It is buttery soft and really pulls together my body making it look great. I will be trying out the other lines skims comes out with

5 months ago

I recently was gifted the square neck fit everybody bodysuit in black. It is super soft and so comfy. Definitely size down if you want it to feel more like shapeweat but in general it is true to size and its super light weight.

3 months ago

The most comfortable and softest clothes ever.

3 months ago

I love their crop tanks, perfect for summer. Their scoop bralette is so comfy but it turns me into such an unattractive blob. I've only bought one of their bodysuits, thought I could get away with a small as everything else I've bought has been a small, but was severely wrong. It's left red welts on my shoulders, I do look amazing, but beauty is not that much pain. I'd try buying another pair in a medium and seeing how it goes. But for a crop tank, especially scored on sale, I would say hell yes.

4 months ago

I actually quite like my Skims products, but honestly they aren't great quality. One of the shirts I got had sleeves with dramatically different lengths, and even though I kind of like the material, it's clearly not an expensive type of fabric.