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Royo makes a range of vegan, low-carb, and keto-friendly breads.

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8 reviews

a month ago

Buyer beware! Great bread but service is so bad that I can't recommend buying their products. Once it took them more than a month to send my order, and twice they sent me incomplete orders. When I brought the botched orders to their attention, they apologized, but did nothing. If this company were run properly, it would be huge, but because of its gross mismanagement, I doubt it'll last long.

3 months ago

I have now had 2 deliveries and I plan on continuing to order. The only thing that could be made a bit better is more raisons in their cinnamon raison bagel but besides that their products fill a need. When you toast the bagel with some whipped cream cheese it's filling and yummy. Making grilled cheese sandwiches now with their bread is not something I worry about anymore as the low calories and carbs make it a no brainer.

3 months ago

Mine took a long time to get to me but it was worth the wait! Giving this product anything less than 3 stars is a crime! While they don't taste like conventional bagels, they are still a great tasting alternative to conventional bread. For the amount of fiber, protein, and low calories I call these a win.

3 months ago

Having a similar problem as Eve B. Been almost a week and the 6 pack sampler has not shipped. So far no response by email. Today is Sunday. Tuesday will be a week. Their Facebook page has not been updated since December 2023. I’m wondering if they are still in business.

4 months ago

Is this company legitimate?? They charged my card weeks ago and nothing has arrived. I have written to them multiple times and keep getting automated messages stating themat my order “should arrive Wednesday”. We are now on the third Wednesday… I have reported the charge to my credit card company and wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

4 months ago

I was excited to try this healthier version of bagels because I love bagels, just very rarely eat them due to high carb count. I bought the variety starter pack and so far have tried the cinnamon raisin and the everything bagel. I loved them!! Does it taste exactly like a bagel? No, but it tastes wayyyyy better than other low carb bagels I have tasted. I double toasted for more of a crunch and I really enjoyed it. My son and husband also ate them and think they're very good. I am curious to taste the bread and hoping it's as good as the bagels. ROYO has gained a new customer in my family!!

4 months ago

I was anxious to receive my starter pack because of all the wonderful reviews I read. HOWEVER, these are by far the absolute WORST things I have ever tasted! Cinnamon raisin had one raisin… I tasted no cinnamon and the bagel itself tasted like dirt . I threw the rest of the bag in the trash!! I did try a plain and found it slightly better, but not good enough to ever buy again! Worst purchase ever! Don’t waste your money

8 months ago

I am really impressed with the nutrition facts on these. At just 70 calories a bagel, 9g of protein and 32 grams of fiber, these bagels are much healthier than any mainstream bagel. On the taste side, it doesn’t quite scratch the “I want a New York bagel with cream cheese” itch. The bagels are a bit dry and don’t have the same texture. On their own - I would skip them, but if you want a breakfast sandwich with a great alternative to a normal bagel, these are for you.