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Remi makes custom night guards and teeth whitening kits at affordable prices.

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💸Received a free product from Remi

Teeth were whiter after use so it works :) After the first time I sent in my molds, I was accidentally sent a night guard instead of a teeth whitening kit. I reached out to customer service and they immediately sent me a brand new kit - they were so lovely and quick.


It was a lot of effort to make the molds of my teeth! They give you two types of clay in plastic packaging that you have to mix together and then quickly get into your mouth where you have them in your mouth for five minutes so that they can dry and form the impressions of your teeth. They have great clear instructions but I made my first set, sent them a picture as instructed and got the feedback the next day that they weren't good to use so had to go through the process again. Then there was a long wait to ship out my molds and get my custom impressions back. For a teeth whitening product - I'm not sure that I fully understand why a custom fit is so important. I was also a bit thrown off & surprised that the whitening gel it comes with comes with instructions to leave the gel on your teeth (and the whole invisalign set in your mouth!) OVERNIGHT. I've only ever used whitening products that stay on for max 30 minutes so it just got me a bit nervous about leaving all that in my mouth for me to essentially eat for so many hours. I also feel like my saliva would pretty quickly get to all the gel so it just feels like an uncomfortable exercise of diminishing returns for me.

Hannah Say's review of Remi
3 months ago